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Oct 26, 2011 05:14 PM

Thanksgiving in Burlington, VT?

Anyone know of any restaurants that are serving a Thanksgiving meal in or near Burlington? The only one I saw was Pauline's, which has not gotten great chowhound reviews. Last year we ate at the Inn at Essex, but although the buffet was extensive, the quality was "meh". This was like somehting on a cruise ship. I'd rather go somewhere that is cooking on a smaller scale. Any ideas? TIA!

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  1. A friend highly recommends Mary's at the Inn at Baldwin Creek in Bristol. it is a buffet, but she says it is really good.

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      Let me second that. We've had several Thanksgivings at Mary's. Why? Because I *can* make the meal they offer. But at about $50/plate, I can't do it for that amount of money. Okay, sure I'd have left-overs. But I'd also spend the better part of 3 days making it happen.

      Highly. HIGHLY recommended.

      Inn at Baldwin Creek & Mary's Restaurant
      1868 S 116 Rd, VT 05443

    2. We went to the Essex this year - I believe they are under new ownership/management. The food was excellent. The best gravy and mashed potatoes I've ever had, and at $35 a person, for the quality and amount of food we had, it was quite a deal.

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        Gem, I had a terrific Thanksgiving buffet at the Essex, about 15 years ago. Lovely spot. I'm glad to hear that they've kept it up.