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Oct 26, 2011 05:01 PM

Manchester, NH junket - HELP!

My wife has a conference next week in Manchester. (Downtown at the Radisson) We're driving over from Portland. I'm tagging along I hope to do some hiking at Mt. Miller and Mt. Manannock parks, while she works. We have 2 dinners and a lunch to plan for. Can you help us out ?

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  1. Mint Bistro for dinner one night.

    Mint Bistro
    Manchester, NH, Manchester, NH

    1. I highly recommend Republic! And do you mean Mt. Monadnock and Miller State Park in Peterborough? That would bring you to the Peterborough/Wilton/Milford area which has a lot of breakfast/lunch options for before or after your hikes.

      1. Manchester doesn't have the depth of offerings that Portland has, but Republic is a good spot for locally sourced, Mediterranean-inspired cooking with a lively crowd. Hanover Street Chophouse is a good choice if you're craving a good martini, oysters and a steak. Mint Bistro has a good sushi bar, but you have Miyake. For something different, try the Nepali food at Cafe Momo.

        Cafe Momo
        1065 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104

        Mint Bistro
        Manchester, NH, Manchester, NH

        Hanover Street Chophouse
        149 Hanover St Ste 100, Manchester, NH 03101

        1. I also agree that Republic would be a good choice. I've enjoyed Cotton, despite their menu that never seems to change. KC's Rib Shack is a good option for BBQ as well.

          As for a hike, I'd also consider Mt. Cardigan or Mt. Kearsarge. They're north of Manchester but very reachable and provide fantastic views.

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            Wow! Thanks so much for the tips! Friends from Boston are going to join us at the Republic one night. Sorry for the geographic gaffs! With this weekend's forecast I'm going to be more conservative about where to go alone (with my orange hat on) , but Peterborough and a hike/walk without ice is still on the menu.
            We have new taco places here- Trio Taco and Taco Escobar, and higher end Zapotec.
            Anything Manchester for Chinese or Tex-Mex?

            1. re: joss2

              For elegant Americanized Chinese, there is Chen Yang Li in Bedford, just south of Manchester. The dining room is lovely and serene, with refined hospitality, artfully-garnished generously-filled plates, and some delicious specialties like Two Brothers Special Shrimp, and Sunkist Scallops and Walnuts.

              1. re: greygarious

                Best Peking duck in town, prepared table-side.

              2. re: joss2

                my favs have been mentioned, although we finally tried XO on elm and loved it, we did all tapas (lil pricy but excellent). Manch has some excellent mexican but for texmex might want ti try Margarita and would Cactus Jacks count? ( btw Mint Bistro is on my list to get to and Hooked for some good seafood.

                Mint Bistro
                Manchester, NH, Manchester, NH

            2. Casual, inexpensive and yummy is A Caribbean Affair on Elm Street. I tried many of their dishes and sides like Cassava, plantain, breadfruit. The goat roti and the ox tail are my favorites. They have always been helpful describing items and assisting with selection.


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                I second this - the goat and oxtail are also my favorites. The mini beef patties are good too - I wish they served them by the dozens alongside a cooler of beer!