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Oct 26, 2011 04:26 PM

Kosher Pareve Pepperoni

I hear it can be done with Salmon. There are a few recipes out there, but has anyone actually successfully made this product or obtained it, and more importantly is it any good?

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    1. re: ferret

      I have used the Yves product (available at Whole Foods and maybe other stores). It is a soy product. I never had the real thing so I don't know how it compares. It is a soy product. My husband said it tastes similar to what he remembers.

      1. re: sharonfl

        Yves is aailable at most general food stores - check prices WF;s may actually be less:) I have had it in the past and recall liking it.Put it on pizza. MMMMMMM! I have had the real stuff and also a fantastic Kosher meat version thanks to Main Line Kosher.

        1. re: sharonfl

          Is the Yves product under rabbinic supervision? Are there any other products on the market that Chowhounders might recommend for my kosher pizza and pepperoni?

          1. re: robocop

            Yves is kosher certified. You can also use Tofurky Italian sausage sliced thin. Available a lot of places, including Trader Joe's. We make vegan pizza frequently, often without the vegan pepperoni, using olives, artichokes, bell pepper, sometimes some Daiya vegan mozarella (the stuff is amazing, unlike most vegan cheese substitutes, it melts and tastes pretty close to the real thing); we find that the tomato and vegetables and olives are as satisfying as the cheesy or meaty versions. As residents of Berkeley, we are probably an anomaly, but you could give it a try. We often use kosher canned pizza sauce and some pre-made kosher pizza shells for quicker results.

            1. re: robocop

              The Yves product is under the OU and is parve.

            2. re: sharonfl

              IMO the Yves product right out of the package is just OK. But, if you crisp it up in a pan with a bit of olive oil it pushes much closer to what I remember from my pre-Kosher days.

              1. re: Kosher Carnivore

                Yes, the oil is important. Pepperoni has a lot of fat. I think the real stuff would also taste pretty bad without it.