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So what do we think of the 2011 UT Dinning Guide?

I just noticed the Union Tribune published their 2011 Dinning Guide on today (or at least I noticed it on the front page today) and I was wondering what the folks here thought about it. I'm only just starting to go through the lists so I can't conclusively say what I agree or disagree with but I am a bit disappointed that their "hottest neighborhoods" only lists a few choices in only two neighborhoods. On the upside, this year they seem to have taken the opinions of supposed experts instead of a popularity poll open to the public (as they've done in years past) so at least Taco Bell isn't listed as the best Mexican food place. ;)


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  1. I was disappointed by the weirdly myopic view on best neighborhood for dining. I'd put North/South Park above Hillcrest any day.

    1. It will be in print with tomorrow's paper. Today only has the Food Section.

      1. Reading the "Superdiners" over some time it often seems that Ricardo Heredia (together with Andrew Spurgin) is nearly the only one with real interest in food beside the obvious choices.

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          1. It's far better than the abomination that is the UT's reader's polls.

            1. It is funny how 3 years ago no one knew the word "Gastropub" in san diego.

              Now you can't read a single article without someone saying "Gastropub" every other sentence.

              That and "it's a little 'indie' restaurant..."

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                What do you suggest instead of "indie". Mom & pop? Non-chain? Self-op? Independent?

              2. So has El Vitral really improved all that much. They do have an extensive tequila selection, but man, the last time I was there - which admittedly was well over a year ago - it wasn't very good. In fact, one of the desserts was actually inedible, we complained (nicely) about it, they still charged us.

                El Vitral Restaurant
                815 J Ave, San Diego, CA 92118

                1. I kept hearing about Urban Solace. I went yesterday for lunch. I was eager to read the UT this morning and see how it rated but, alas, I guess its not the trendy 'in-place' anymore. I had the Duckaroni. The first bite was spectacular but I got the feeling (like I get whenever I have beef bourguignon or coq au vin) that it was so rich I wouldn't be able to sustain an active interest. Nice to pass out portions to your friends but a lot to handle for the person who orders it. Mom had the watermelon salad.

                  Urban Solace Restaurant
                  3823 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104