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Oct 26, 2011 01:46 PM

Ikea Praktfull Pro 36" Gas Range?

I've been thinking about buying a gas stove and have been trying to figure out which one to get. I do not want to spend 5,000+ thousand of dollars on it. I was thinking that I could find something around 3,000$ and then I saw this Praktfull gas range with electric oven at Ikea for 1,999$

It looks pretty good and the size is nice. I checked some reviews online and they seem ok, not excellent, but not bad at all. However, I've only been able to find a few reviews, so I am not too sure. Ikea is not famous for its quality.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with that range or could recommend a 36" gas range for under 3,000$?


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  1. It appears from the ikea fan site that this range is made by Whirlpool. I hope that helps somewhat in your search for info.

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    1. re: dcrb

      I tried looking for a similar model in Whirlpool in hopes that I can find more reviews but I couldn't find anything. The only reviews that I saw were on that IkeaFans site and they were favourable, but I'm still hesitant.

    2. First, you realize it's counter depth? 24" Maybe all 36" ranges are 24" deep, but thought I'd point it out. Really, a gas range burns gas to create a flame to create heat to cook. Unless you see an obvious thumbs down review for some flaw (my GE Cafe used to come with plastic knobs that would melt!), it's going to do exactly what you want. What you really need to do is make sure you are:

      1)aware of the burner sizes and the heat output. Will the combination of burners match your cooking?

      2)aware of what a 24" deep oven is like?

      We have bought apliances from Ikea, such as a wall oven and range hoods and have been completely satisfied. Given that I spent way less than $3000 on the 30" Cafe range, I don't why you would be worried about spending under that unless it was for commercial use.

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      1. re: JohnOort

        Thank you very much for your reply. I have a somewhat silly questions, what is the normal/regular depth of an oven. Is 24" too small and not regular?

        The only reason why I am worried about this oven is because it's from Ikea. That name has a certain stigma associated with it and although I like Ikea style and I have a few pieces of furniture from the store that I absolutely love, I can't seem not to feel embarrassed when I admit that I bought them at Ikea.

        1. re: Julia_K

          There's no reason to be embarassed- they are name brand appliances with a generous warranty. In fact, I don't think there's any stigma with them at all...they do look stylish and they certainly aren't cheap. You want that, go to ABC Warehouse. Our wall oven is one year old and performing perfectly, as is the range hood. Most of their appliances are built by Whirlpool. Just like Kenmore isn't made by "Kenmore." We're not talking Billy book cases here, and Ikea has been trying very hard to bolster their kitchen remodeling offerings. Good appliances are part of that. In fact, besides oven and hood, all of the cabinetry in our kitchen and the island table are Ikea and we love it. The appliances have worked troublefree the whole time. If it helps you feel better, they don't say "Ikea" anywhere on the front. Tell them you got them from a fancy European design house (true!) over the internet.

          As for the depth, 28" is American standard range size. 24" is significantly shallower and thus that's why it's 36" wide, to make up for lost real estate up top. This I think is done with a nod to European design, as well as apartment living where floor space is at a premium but for people that still want a bigger range.

          1. re: JohnOort

            Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your response. I saw that stove at the store last weekend and really liked the way it looked, so this is why I started looking for reviews online. I didn't realize that it is less deep than the standard size.

            1. re: Julia_K

              Hey, be a trendsetter - go back and if you really can see yourself cooking on it, grab some pans from the market place and pretend you're cooking with them. If it feels good, why not get it?

              1. re: JohnOort

                Cool idea :) I should do that :)

        2. re: JohnOort

          Please be aware that ANY range that is above the size of 34 inches increase exponentially in price. Most ranges of 36- 48 are considered restaurant grade and in no way compares to a 30" std stove. Ranges that are dual fueled have more issues than just. How many buts are being put. Out. Oven capacity, accuracy and dimensions matter as many brands are not. Accurate and have cold spots.
          Another issue arerairs, ignition switch issues and how responsive stateside customer srvc issues are handled. Fischer and Paykel have lousy customer service and many problems with their ranges. I've heard great things. About the Italian Fratelli brand though their. Ovens have no auto thermostats. I have not heard anything about ikea"but I DO know that ranges can start for the 36-42 range at around 1999.00 and go up to over 28 K

        3. DO NOT BUY THIS!! It has a manufacturer's defect that neither Whirlpool nor Ikea are owning up to. We bought this piece of junk in August 2011. Upon it's first use at a high temperature, it burnt out the thermostat. We called Ikea/Whirlpool for service 4 times!!! Each time the service person came out they knew immediately that the way the oven was built was defective and that replacing the thermostat would only work until we broiled. So, rather than than rebuild this product, we are being subjected to the terms of their 5 year "warranty." This means, they just come out and replace the thermostat, we burn it out, we make another call, lather, rinse, repeat. Fun stuff! We had a horrible Thanksgiving where we had to cook our bird at friend's house. This was about 3 months after we had purchased this $2000 nightmare. We are getting ready to file a class action.

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          1. re: fondly9999

            i also hate my range just called ikea and returning it tomorrow . i have it for 8 weeks and the convection doesnt work!!!! it takes HOURS to cook !!!! called the service people 3 times and they are clueless!Any idea what can i buy instead for less than $2000?

            1. re: selly

              Check out the NXR! It comes in 30 and 36" versions, the 30 is $1999 everywhere.

            2. re: fondly9999

              Hi, this is a long shot...but I bought the same Praktfull Range and need the propane conversion kit, it is a set of five small brass orifices that are screwed into the burners. Most people use the natural gas ones. If you still have them with you range, ikea put them in a small bag with the instructions, I would be grateful to purchase them from you for my range! I want to use it at my new place but it only has propane :) we must have lost our kit and whirlpool no longer sells the kit!another ridiculous thing about whirlpool not to have replacement parts, Leah