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Oct 26, 2011 12:12 PM

Map accuracy when a specific restaurant is reviewed

Many times when reading a restaurant review I look to see where a restaurant is located, and many times the map points are wildly off. Case in point: a recent review of Masala, a restaurant in Somerville, MA, near Boston. The map shows 2 points: Masala Art in Needham, MA, and Teele Square Cafe in Somerville. Where did these points come from??? No location is provided for the restaurant being reviewed.

Here again, the map location has nothing to do with the review:

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  1. I looked at your first example. Since the restaurant in question (Masala) was not in the CH database at that time (I just added it and it takes a while to show up) it wouldn't be found by auto linking or manually. But one of the other posters had mentioned the other 2 places you talked about, and both of them got added by auto linking (which is undoubtedly out of control at times). You can find the newly created place link for Masala in Somerville here:

    I didn't look at your second example yet so I don't have an answer for that one right this minute.

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      That's correct. A restaurant must be in the Chowhound restaurant database first, before you can create links to it. The links cause the placement on the map. In both of the examples you present, there was no entry in the Chowhound restaurant database, so the place being discussed was not on the map.

      To see whether a restaurant is in the Chowhound restaurant database, you can do a search from the upper right corner of any Chowhound page (click on RESTAURANTS rather than DISCUSSIONS). If it's not there, you should get a message displayed that says "Don't see the restaurant you are looking for? Add a Restaurant or Bar". Clicking on this lets you create a new entry in the restaurant database.

      Once a restaurant is in the Chowhound restaurant database, after an initial waiting period (sometimes only a few minutes, sometimes as much as an hour), you can create a link to it from a post. There are three ways a link can be created: (1) When first creating a post, you are asked whether it's a review of a specific restaurant, you can say yes and enter the restaurant name. It will display a list of choices which will hopefully includes the one you want; you can then click on it. (2) There is an "autolink" function which automatically creates links from a post when the post is first created; usually but not always this points to the correct one. (3) During the two-hour edit window on your post, you can manually add a link yourself. First, make sure it says "Permalink | Report | Edit | Reply" at the bottom right of your post; if it says "Thanks for posting!" you need to refresh the web page first. Then, go into edit mode on your post. Directly below the post, it should say "Type the name of the restaurant or bar you wish to add". When you type the name in the space below that, it displays possible matches from the restaurant database; if you click on the name you want and then save your post, it creates a link below your post.

      I've created an entry in the restaurant database for your second example ( ), and have created a link to it in a post in the topic in your link.

    2. Just to add that things get in the database because people take the time to add them. and links dont occur unless the rest is in the database. Once its in the database, its necessary for someone to manually add a link to it. After that happens the first time for a restarant, autolinking will start. If you think the right link isnt there, hit reply and then the manage your links bar and type the restaurant name into the add restaurant bar. If it appears, you can click on it and add the link. (note you will have to add content - even just a word or 2 -for your reply to take) If the restaurant name doesnt appear, you can add it to the database through one of the methods mentioned above.. Or you can wait for someone else to do so.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        Thank you very much for clarifying this. I like to check the Greater Boston area board because I visit there often, but I'm rarely in a position to initiate a new restaurant in the database.