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Oct 26, 2011 09:27 AM

Help! Any Suggestions for Daughters 16th Birthday Dinner??

Greetings Chowhounds!! I am desperately looking for recommendations on where, in the Boston area (or north of the city), to take a group of 10 teens and adults out for my daughter’s 16th birthday celebration dinner. I would like to keep the price point somewhat on the low to moderate end, which I know might be tough in the city. Many of my searches online point to either Fire & Ice or Dicks Last Resort. She's already done the Fire & Ice thing and I don't think the shtick at Dick's would be very appropriate for 14 -16 year olds. We both love the South End and Cambridge neighborhoods! I probably should say that my daughter is not much of a foodie. She’s not picky but just prefers places with a traditional menu, nothing to fancy/different. I would also like someplace I could make a reservation - since our group is rather large...... Thanks for your consideration and I anxiously await your recommendations!!

Fire & Ice
205 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116

Dicks Last Resort
Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA 02109

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  1. Check out the Union Bar and Grille in the South End. I had an anniversary dinner there, about the size of yours. I was able to make a reservation. As to the price, you'll have to look at their website. Also, there is Regina Pizza at the Depot, on Cambridge St, corner of Harvard Ave. Lots of room, price point low to moderate. It isn't just pizza. Your party could be lively, and not be obtrusive.

    Regina Pizza at the Depot
    353 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02134

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        Medieval Manor is a good choice for birthdays. They'll make sure she has a great time and the food's pretty good, too.

        1. re: Boston_Otter

          Wow really? I've never heard anyone describe the food at MM as "pretty good". What have you had there?

          I implore the OP NOT to take the kids to Dick's. Fire and Ice might appeal (I personally would rather eat a pound of escolar than go there) but Dick's is just the nast.

          How about Max Brenners for a chocolate themed party?

          Fire and Ice
          50 Church St Ste 301, Cambridge, MA 02138

          1. re: yumyum

            Max Brenners is a great idea!

            As I said below, MM's food isn't bad at all. The ribs, mussels, and chicken were all quite decent last time I was there (a year or two ago).

        2. re: Locutus

          I haven't been to the Medieval Manor in many years, but the food was pretty bad when I was there. Has it changed?

          1. re: pemma

            It's not gourmet, but it's not bad. The mussels are pretty decent, the beef ribs are very tasty, and the roasted chicken's good too. The vegetarian choices aren't so great. I went there one time and was served a frozen (as in, still frozen) bean burrito with a bowl filled with straight Tabasco sauce.

        3. how about pico in the south end.

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          1. re: wonderwoman

            My daughter always liked Fire and Ice when she was that age. Was not my first choice, but it was her birthday.

            Fire and Ice
            50 Church St Ste 301, Cambridge, MA 02138

          2. How about Chinese food? I know that Peach Farm Seafood has accomodated large groups for me in the past. Who doesn't like Chinese food?

            Peach Farm
            4 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

            1. If you want North and great Chinese, Szchuan Gourmet in Billerica is awesome.

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              1. re: macewindu420

                Fiorella's in Newton - parking, good food, family friendly