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Oct 26, 2011 08:43 AM

Il Corvo

A coworker and I are planning on lunch at Il Corvo next week. I've never been and am wondering are there tables to sit down? Or is it all takeout? Is there a choice of pastas or do they do a single pasta each day? Thanks!

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  1. Yes, you can sit down inside. The seating area isn't huge, though.

    There are several pasta choices, which change each day. They also have a really good selection of Italian bitter sodas (if you're into that sort of thing).

    1. You actually can't take out, at least when I was there. They said it will ruin the pasta and they won't do it.

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        Sign up on the blog and get emails every day of the pastas offered.
        It's not a take out place anyway.
        Don't expect the full meal deal. It's basically a bowl of pasta, freshly made, if you are hungry get 2, but if you are hungry it'll only take 3 minutes to eat because it's so good.
        And get some bread and olive oil while you are waiting.
        He has it made to his specs from a secret source.