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Has anyone been to Riverpark restaurant on the far east side? Thoughts on what to order?

450 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016

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  1. I was a big fan of Riverpark when they opened about a year ago. Had some great meals (both food and service). My two most recent meals in the spring were very disappointing from a service standpoint, and I haven't been back since. I hope they've addressed the service problems.

    1. Always impressed with food and top-notch service.

      I was there a couple of nights ago, but just had the bar/patio menu. The Cheese Empanadas are simply too friggin' good. This will be a staple order whenever I make there. Also had the crispy Fried Chicken. 3 generous tasty pieces with spiced honey dressing on the side and some of the best biscuits I've had lately.

      I sat on the bar and the bar service was very helpful, knowledgeable and attentive. Let me sample wines before I order by the glass.

      450 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016

      1. I had a terrific meal there over the summer with no service issues. I believe I had Arctic char, which was excellent, and a very impressive chocolatey dessert.

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          Great dish ... that Arctic Char.
          I can't wait to go back for that.

        2. I had a great meal there in July. The pork chop is a must. Just fabulous!

          You can find photos of my meal here, if you're interested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cheeryvi...

          1. I have been twice, once was about 6 weeks ago. I was unimpressed by both the food and the service. I do not intend to return.

            1. We dined at Riverpark last night. Room is pretty, view is lovely and the food was very enjoyable.
              Shared: Hamachi and Avocado salad with pickled red onions, radish and charred chiles, squid ink chitarra with calamari, octopus, shrimp, lemon and fresno chiles, Arctic Char with sunchoke, radicchio, fig, red wine and pistachio and a side of charred shishito peppers (love those things). Service was great- the kitchen kindly split each dish for us (except of course the peppers).
              If this restaurant was closer to civilization it might actually succeed (I know they celebrated their first anniversary a few weeks ago- but I can only imagine how busy it could be if it existed anywhere else on the island).
              Seriously, even the cab didn't know where to drop me off upon my arrival and it took nearly 15mins to snag one home.

              450 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016

              1. Since there hasn't been any mention in some time, I thought I would report on a recent dinner. We had a really nice table by the windows, the service was flawless (except for being given the check without having asked for it, but that happens a lot these days), and the food was as creative and delicious as ever. We had the grilled calamari and the octopus to start. The flavors and textures were fabulous. Main courses were roast chicken (very flavorful with a perfect crisp skin) and monkfish medallions (incredibly tender and in a nicely spiced broth with fregola sarda). We could not manage dessert.

                We had not been in quite a while but will be sure to return soon.

                1. I've been there three times and service has been excellent each time. I think the food is quite good, but not outstanding. What makes the place special are the views, the space between tables and the resulting low noise level. In good weather, eating outside with the river alongside you is quite a bonus. And, not to be overlooked, is the free parking in the garage under the building. The spacing and parking are made possible by the fact that the restaurant is apparently defacto subsidized by the developers of the biotech centric building the restaurant is in.

                  1. I went once, when they first opened. I was not impressed at all. And maybe because it was behind Bellvue Hospital, the tables and chairs seemed very institutional. A good place for Doctors to eat after work. The food was overrated.

                    1. We had a great meal there during Restaurant Week earlier this year. I had a clear chicken soup with root vegetables. Arctic Char and for dessert two kinds of sherbet. Really delicious. The service was first class.

                      1. I had the pork belly there for lunch. It was over salted. Then they put whole grain mustard on it making it barely edible. Then I went again for a business lunch and after 2PM they have a limited menu so I had to go with the cheeseburger. For $14 it was super tiny. They burger was a bit over done for rare and was dry and bland.IT was a major let down of a burger. Would not go back if I was paying out of my own pocket. i did enjoy the wine. A pinot noir 2010 Oyster Bay New Zealand. Nice and crisp.