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Oct 26, 2011 08:32 AM

Vietnamese in Portland, ME

In search of good and cheap vietnamese in Portland, ME, specifically pho and bahn mi.

I just moved here from Seattle, WA, where there is a plethora of small pho and bahn mi joints.

I have not tried them yet, but it looks like Saigon Restaurant and Thanh Thanh 2 over on Forest Ave are preferred.

Has anybody been there? What is their pho like? Do they also have bahn mi?

Also, what about the places over on St John, such as Kim's Gift Shop.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I
    like Saigon for food service atmosphere,overall.They have bahn mi as well,open early as well.

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    1. re: LeRique

      The banh mi at Saigon is not available at dinner, as I found out last time I was there. Just FYI.

    2. Kim's is, by far, the best spot for bahn mi. I prefer thanh thanh 2 but they do not have sandwiches. Their weekend pho is more authentic with house made sausage, tendon and blood cake

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      1. re: Noreaster

        Made it to Kim's today for lunch with SO. This place is great. We both got the Special Combinations after a suggestion from the younger of the two women behind the counter. We had a nice conversation with her while the bread was toasting. There were also a few older men sitting by the door talking (in Vietnamese?) and reading, which is always a good sign when looking for small, family run spots.

        Brought the sandwiches home and they were awesome. Three different types of cold cuts including head cheese, plus the pate and all the veggies, it hit the spot!

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          Now that I'm working downtown and not in the West End, I'm too far to walk to Kim's for lunch.

          Are there any hidden bahn mi places in the old port or art district? Does Huong Vietnamese Restaurant do lunch? Anybody been there?