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Oct 26, 2011 06:07 AM

Grass fed beef in Florida

Grass fed beef is so much better for us and better for the environment. However, there seems to be a lack of availability in south Florida for reasonably priced grass fed beef. Only one high end grocery store sells it, with only certain cuts being available and its rather pricey. There has to be a better way to eat healthy and sustainable beef!

Who would be interested in receiving good quality grass fed beef shipped directly to them, or directly to a local store/distributor?

You may reply on the board or contact me direct via email and we can figure out how best to get it to our plates!

All the best,


bhopper619 at yahoo dot com

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  1. If you go to they have a directory of farms for grassfed meat and dairy. I personally get my grassfed black angus beef from Deep Creek Ranch near Orlando (I live in Tampa) and when they deliver to some of the local restaurants here I can meet up with them without having to drive up to Orlando. Even if I did have to make that drive, it is well worth it. You can buy select cuts or buy in bulk (always cheaper in bulk of course ~$6-7/pound in take home weight). I know Deep Creek Ranch supplies beef to Michael's Genuine Food and Drink in Miami in case you are that far south. In my experience unless you're willing to drive directly to the farm you're dealing with, the best chance you have of getting grassfed beef in Florida is when the farm supplies a local restaurant and you can meet up with them that way. Good luck and happy eating!

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      Thanks for the reply! Yes, I know about eatwild and the list of farms. While there are a fair number of ranches/suppliers, it seems like getting it requires some real effort. I'm trying a new source this weekend but will be driving a long distance to pick it up. My thought was to organize a buying cooperative in Palm Beach County to facilitate an easier pickup/delivery from the closest supplier. I'll keep on looking around and searching for other interested people. Thanks again!

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        there was a grassfed beef vendor at the Boca Green Market today off 19th Street (S of Glades and N of Town Center Rd). Every Wednesday from 4-8pm.

    2. This is the wrong end of the state but these guys are real good:

      Have you looked at the Miami board?

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