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Oct 26, 2011 04:02 AM

Poutine at Frenchie's

i had the intention of going for smoked meat. I had seen a few advertisement for Frenchie's. Being originally from Montréal , there's a few specifications I require for smoked meat(which I haven't seen yet). The smoke meat steamer should be visible; the meat must be offered as 1) lean 2) medium or 3) fat; the meat must be hand-sliced(& not with a slicer which adds a rubbery quality); the bread must be rye. The meat steamer was nowhere in sight. The 2 Japanese girls at the counter were barely proficient in English(let alone French). I opted for a veggie poutine. Although it was pricier than what I have paid in Montreal, the portion was enormous. The veggies were green & red peppers, onions, peas , cheese curds. The fries were great and there could have been more curds. The sauce was good too. I'd say it was pretty authentic although my favourite is a Jamaican jerk chicken poutine at a Carribean Montreal restaurant called "Kiano's" on City Councillor Street 1 block east of Montreal's downtown Bay store. Frenchie's. Dunsmuir & Richard's:

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  1. You were right to skip the smoked meat. 1) too expensive 2) tastes like the stuff I used to get in heat and serve packets. Pretty sure there is a joke there somewhere.