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Oct 26, 2011 03:52 AM

Lebanese Favor Gift

I have a person who I owe a lot of goodwill to. Outside of work, et., al., I want to get him a gift as well. He knows most of the restaurants and I could do a gift certificate. But I'm looking for something more special. He has a wife and 3 yo daughter.

Any thoughts? Budget can be somewhat high - I really do owe him.

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  1. Lebanese Taverna Market offers cooking classes, but unless you're going to offer your services for baby-sitting that doesn't seem like an appealing gift to parents of a three-year old.

    The wine list at the Tysons branch of Lebanese Taverna includes at least five whites from Lebanon, two roses from Lebanon, and sixteen reds from Lebanon. What about sending one bottle of Lebanese wine per month to his home?

    Without understanding a bit more about how the words "Lebanese favor" fit into your request, that's the best I can do.

    Lebanese Taverna Market
    4400 Old Dominion Dr, Arlington, VA 22207

    1. What about a gift basket of a nice rekwi, some strong lebanese coffee, some good nuts from Lebanon (in the vacuum packs), Jordan Almonds, and other treats? You can buy a bare basket, get base stuffing material, colored cellophane and raffia tie material all at michael's craft store.

      I know the Lebanese like their sweets! ;-)).

      In addition to Lebanese Taverna Market (on Lorcom and Lee Hwy in Arlington), there are two other spots I go to for Lebanese stuff.

      For the "gifts" (copied from my post on the pita bread thread a while back):

      there is a small lebanese grocery in vienna that has specialty food and decorative items (also coffee and rekwi, etc). (by the way, the owner bakes pita there, and you can even get it while it is still warm from the oven. ooooh, it is good.).

      it is in a unit in a light-industrial complex (long white building, where you have to walk up steps to reach the landing which runs the length of the entire building (so trucks can easily load). i'm guessing that it is no more than a half-mile off of the main drag (maple avenue/123) on the right side of mill street n.e., just a little way after you cross over church street.

      also gourmet basket across from total wine in mclean is good for lebanese food "deli-type" items (fresh-made foods and cheese, plus rockin' pumpkin kibbeh balls), and they have rekwis, coffees, nuts, sweets and other grocery items -- there are lots of nice items to assemble a pleasing gift basket.