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Oct 25, 2011 09:54 PM

Upscale lunch around UT Bookstore?

Hey all,

I've got an opportunity to meet a friend of mine tomorrow for lunch around the University of Texas bookstore.

We're both old-time, major Hounds from Phila and New York, and we've got the opportunity to hook up for a leisurely lunch around the UT bookstore tomorrow.

Great food, great atmosphere, great wine a Must.

Help me out?

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  1. Texas French Bread? Also, Sagra might be an option (1610 San Antonio)

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    1. re: rudeboy

      Good suggestions although I don't think TFB has wine. Maybe The Clay Pit? OP will be hard pressed to find what he's looking for. Upscale and campus are like oil and water.

      Cheap eats? Everywhere you look. Frat boy hangout? You betcha! Upscale? Uhhh.

      1. re: agoodbite

        TFB is sandwiches, pastries and soup at lunch time. Good for a snack but not for a leisurely boozy lunch. It's BYOB (or BYOW, I guess) in the evening.

        1. re: ghastlyfop

          Good point TFB is more casual for lunch. I can't remember the name - what about that fine dining place at MLK and Nueces?

          1. re: rudeboy

            You are likely thinking of the Mansion at Judges Hill. They have strange hours, open for breakfast and dinner, but not lunch.

    2. agree on TBF. I am also very fond of Foodheads

      1. There is Fino on 29th and San Gabriel, Sagra at 17th and San Antonio, Carillon at the AT&T center.

        Fino has a good wine list and bar with good cocktails. I like their food as well, although I have never been for lunch. Only for happy hour and dinner.

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        1. re: Homero

          Alas, the Carillon is open only to UT faculty for lunch.

          1. re: ret3

            For the specifics of the request it has to be Fino, though it's a bit of a walk. Or the UT Stadium Club, if you are a member. But I'd be tempted to go more casual and get one of the fine sandwiches from Fricano's just a block away

        2. Maybe a little late for this lunch date, but I think East Side Cafe would fit the bill. Close by, small but well selected wine list, good food, nice atmosphere.

          Not too far away, maybe Buenos Aires Cafe.

          If you are ever looking on a Friday, Perry's has a wonderful pork chop Friday (the only day they are open for lunch) and an extensive wine list. You have to reserve a table by 10 at the latest as they are hopping on Fridays.

          Buenos Aires Cafe
          2414 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704