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ISO : Cheap Chicken

Hi everyone. I have an event planned and I plan on serving chicken among other things. I basically need 100 chicken thighs. Does anyone know a place in the GTA where I can get it for relatively cheap? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. oy, maybe a good butcher will respond, but otherwise I'd say scope out your favourite grocer...you'd best be looking for a butcher open to the public

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      Hmm ... I'm wondering if there's some wholesale place that's open to the public (besides Costco).

    2. Try O Nosso Talho in Little Portugal.

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          they regularly advertise chicken legs for 99cents/lb.

      1. Well if you are looking for Boneless skinless Sobeys has special this week (8.8$/KG). Other choice could be T&T as they usually have them on special

        1. St. Andrews Poultry in Kensington Market. Cheap prices and you can make a deal with the manager on a bulk order.

          St. Andrews Fish and Chips
          1589 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P2Y3, CA

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            And the place link is wrong. I keep getting 404ed when I try and remove it.

          2. Maple Lodge Farms Factory Outlet in Brampton:


            1. if you need that many, might be worth a drive to Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY. Tops has chicken thighs on sale this week $1.19/lb (4-5 lb per pack):


              If you also need chicken breasts (boneless skinless) they're $1.99/lb at Wegmans:


              While there you could probably buy a lot of the other food you'll need for your event.

              If you want really cheap (but some might question the quality) visit Aldi.

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                  If only my time was free! I'd say it's just easier to go to any good butcher and talk to them.
                  I'm sure Ellas on Pape could do something, or any other butcher.

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                  Driving to the US seems like overkill. And I'm pretty sure personal exemption is something like only 10 kilos of chicken.