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Oct 25, 2011 07:23 PM

Trader Joe's coming to Fort Worth, I hope

The Star-Telegram has reported that Trader Joe's has filed a sales tax application for 2701 South Hulen, where Ronnie's was located and Dorian's Interior Design is now located. When the S-T tried to contact Dorian's for comment, the store was closed. It didn't say whether it was outside normal store hours or not.

The application gave a December 15 start date, although apparently it doesn't have to open by then.

Good news!

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  1. Wow ... thanks for the news. Will be interesting to see how Central Market handles the competition ...

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    1. re: foiegras

      Yes, especially since they're in such close proximity to each other. Any effect on CM's pricing? There was some talk earlier that they might go into the now-closed Borders, just across the parking lot. Now, that would've been fun!

    2. YAY!!!!!! I checked the TJ's website a few days ago and it didn't say anything about Fort Worth. I was under the assumption that they wouldn't be opening until sometime in 2012. If I have a TJ's here by Christmas, I hope they have a good supply of their peppermint bark!

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      1. re: Barbara76137

        YES! (to a good supply of their peppermint bark)!

      2. Wonderful News. However having lived in CA for a few years, and Texas most of my years, I do not see where these 2 stores a like. Most products in CM are HEB based. Most products in Trader Joe's are private label for there stores. They do have some amazing Olive Oil, Vanilla, Chocolate Chips, Granola etc. But IMHO there are nothing alike. You will not have a huge selection of fruits and vegetables in a TJ. Nor will you find lots of beers and wine. Or aisles of other products. You will find some amazing buys on good wines, good organic produce and some wonderful organic dairy.

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        1. re: BeckJ

          Thanks, Beck. I was thinking primarily of the fact that they're both specialty-type stores. Never having been to a TJ's, I'm anxious to have a chance to be able to shop at both! Hopefully, that isn't too far away....

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            And thanks for your suggestions,

            1. re: BeckJ

              The prices at TJ's on wine, cheese oils & vinegars, and, my favorite, their pound plus dark chocolate bar w/almonds, are all much lower than CM. I also like the selection of salads. When I was in CA last month my first stop on the way from SFO to my hotel was a TJ's. I got a few bottles of wine, a salad for dinner that evening, some dips and pita bread and other snacks that were all relatively healthy and VERY tasty to have in my room throughout my stay.

              Once TJ's opens I'll rarely go to Central Market.

              1. re: BeckJ

                I totally agree BeckJ. Trader Joes is nothing like Central Market. TJ's is more like Sprouts. I will however, never forget the time hubby and I were at TJ's in the Portland Oregon area and heard persistent horn honking from the parking lot and wondering who would leave their kid in the car anyway. When finished shopping we went to the car, we discovered our dachshind was barking and bouncing off the middle of the steering wheel ...right on the horn, whenever somebody passed by.

              2. Wow, I'm coming late to this party... but that's awesome news. I love CM, but a little competition never hurt anyone. Too bad the Borders space didn't work out for them, that would have been very fun!

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                1. re: alliegator

                  Never too late, allie. Yes, the Borders location would have been great fun --- wouldn't have helped the parking situation there, but fun, nevertheless!

                  When are you going to open your asian snack stand? I'll be there!

                  1. re: peppergal

                    Oh well, just having a Traders Joe's will be fun enough!
                    The snack stand will always be an "I wish"... but nice to know I would have a customer :D

                    1. re: alliegator

                      I just heard on the radio that TJ announced that their first store is going to be in Ft Worth and the second store is going to be in the Woodlands.

                      1. re: mjtx

                        I heard on this mornings news, they were looking at locations in Dallas for two more stores.
                        I guess not terribly large because their Ft. Worth store is only going to be 12,500 square feet.
                        Thats a fairly typical size for the stores I've been to in California.

                        1. re: twinwillow

                          Hey, tw, will that finally give you an excuse to visit Fort Worth?

                          The first TJ's I visited was back in the early '80's and it was across from MGM studios in Culver City, CA. That store was tiny and jam packed! They sure have changed through the years!

                          1. re: Barbara76137

                            Hi Barbara.
                            I'd come to Ft. Worth to see you. Still have my email address?

                        2. re: mjtx

                          I missed that! Did the story give any indication of when the Fort Worth store would open?

                  2. Any updates on the Fort Worth Trader Joes?
                    How far along they are or when a opening date is?

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                    1. re: BeckJ

                      I haven't read or seen anything in the paper since I first posted, though, as I recall, I believe someone upboard posted that they were opening in the spring.

                      1. re: peppergal

                        Thanks so much for your knowledge.....I just can't wait and was hoping to see one by Christmas time :( Love the peppermint bark with the dark chocolate. At last I will keep checking for updates.
                        Thank you again.

                        1. re: BeckJ

                          You're welcome, Beck. I'll post whenever I hear anything. I was hoping for before-Christmas, too!

                      2. re: BeckJ

                        While on the computer just now, an ad popped up saying that Dorian's (the space on Hulen where TJ's is supposed to open in FW) has "lost their lease" and their last day is December 23.

                        Can TJ's be far behind?

                        Though I do hate to see Dorian's leave -- not that I was a big customer of theirs, but they did had some interesting seminars, and I hate to see spots go out of business. There's still Stacy's (which I've never been to) and I believe a newer Dorian's in Grapevine.

                        That's all I know!

                        1. re: peppergal

                          After I posted this afternoon, I called Dorian's, and, yes, they are closing. Their last day open is December 23, and they have to be out by December 30th. The woman I talked to said Trader Joe's is coming into the space. So early spring sounds right.