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Oct 25, 2011 06:31 PM

Looking for a somewhat inexpensive yet romantic or unusual place for 12 people

Planning a quick wedding and I am at a loss for what there is in the GTA as I am new to the area. I would love a great vibe of a place that can host a private party for a small group. Views of the Downtown skyline would be preferred or close to the Hart House area.

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    1. re: iMarilyn

      Budget of around 800 for three course meal and wine at table

    2. What day of the week are you looking at?

      1. Preferably a Saturday or Sunday night however we also would have a wedding midweek to keep costs down. The other option we are looking at is getting a suite downtown and ordering in a meal for all of us

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        1. re: Itialianfoodie

          12 pp @ $800 or about $66 per person.

          I’m going to assume that is before tax and tip (auto grat @ 18%)

          $66 pp

          If everyone drinks 2 glasses of wine (not unreasonable over dinner) then you need five bottles of wine with a pour of five, five ounce glass pours per bottle.

          To keep costs down I suggest you go with red or white. If you give people options red vs white you will like end up spending more on wine and with this budget that’s not really an option.

          I would say that if you go on the low-end of the wine list you should be able to find a decent bottle @ $40 per bottle. So that’s a conservative wine cost of $200.

          That leaves you with about $50 pp for three course. This is doable but likely not in a place with view.

          At this price point with something romantic I’m going to suggest the following for your consideration:

          Grace – the upstairs space and I don’t think there is an area in the main space where you would all fit. This may be pushing your price point but it would be worth a try.
          Sidecar – this is not a private room but if you get the back section of the restaurant you would have an area to yourself but it would be right across from the pass.
          Beast – This is a small resto but they are very accommodating and I think they would be willing to work with you, especially say on a Sunday night b/c they are not normally open for dinner that night.
          Delux – Small bisto. Good food and again, they may be willing to work with your budget and do something interesting at your price point.

          Now if you $800 include tax and time that means really you only have $400 for food and then the options are much slimmer.

          92 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J2Z4, CA

          1. re: JennaBean

            I was thinking Sidecar as well. Although their isn't a view the place is certainly cozy and they have a $25 3-course prix fixe from Sunday to Wednesay, so it would probably still be within budget even including drinks, tax and tip.

        2. Thank you! I was so at a loss for what was available and did not want to spend our short time scrounging for options!

          1. Fieramosca Trattoria ( on Prince Arthur north of UofT's Varsity Stadium is a cozy/romantic restaurant and good option at this price range. They have a private dining room that I think seats up to 20 that may suit your wedding party.

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            1. re: syoung

              I've been there before (twice) and I didn't think that food was all that great. It is a lovely space and if you could just rent that space that would be great but you have to take their at best meh food.