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Oct 25, 2011 06:22 PM

Looking for a chill cafe where I can study in Mile End

Any suggestions please?

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  1. Mile end certainly has no shortage of cafes...
    EM Cafe
    Arts Cafe
    Cafe Falco
    Olimpico (are they internetted??)
    Le Depanneur Cafe
    ... and probably a dozen others within the parc-st. laurent boundaries.

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    1. re: Fintastic

      Thanks for the great choices! I will venture to Mile End and check them out.

    2. I like Voro on Fairmont, corner of Jeanne Mance, just west of Arts Cafe. It has both caffeine and food options, with proper tables and chairs, and relatively good lighting. And I find it unpretentious, which can be kind of rare in the Mile End. Closes at 10 pm, if I recall correctly. Only had their teas and coffees, so I can't vouch for the food however.

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      1. re: looosia

        Perfect. Have never been there. My friend loves Olympico so we re always there for late eve coffees. Unpretentious is right up my alley as well.

        1. re: looosia

          I've never figured out Voro. In its prior incarnation it was a cafe. Now it seems to be primarily a restaurant.... As such I'd feel like a jerk if I was taking up a table at dinner hours just to have a coffee while I study. But maybe it rarely gets busy enough for that to be a problem..

        2. If you live in area... it's pretty easy to figure out which places are chill or not. Does the quality of the coffee matter or do you just want a cafe that'll let you hang out all day?

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          1. re: chickenbruiser

            I'll be traveling from near Sherbrooke and St Laurent. Coffee is important as I like to hang out at St-Henri on Notre Dame. Great espresso and they roast their beans on the spot.

            1. re: justjay26

              Well, since you enjoy great coffee and Saint-Henri, you might enjoyed Saint-Henri's big brother, Caffe in Gamba (Parc, noth of Fairmount st). One of Montreal's best coffee place, and my purveyor of beans. But it can get busy, so not the quietest place to study.

              1. re: justjay26

                Neve on Rachel (not as far as mile end) and Cafe In Gamba on park are the cousin and mother of St. Henri, respectively. They are also worth testing.

                Cafe In
                236 Pl Du Marche Du N, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

                1. re: Fintastic

                  My top choices would be

                  Espresso Pourquoi Pas on Armherst
                  Cafe Laures et Fils (Delicious Castelneau)
                  Cafe Oli Lili (notre-dame O)
                  Java U Natrel (notre-dame O)
                  Mamie Clafoutis
                  Cafe 92 (sherbrooke O.)

                  1. re: Fifiwong

                    None of those are in Mile-End. La Rue et fils is on Castelnau, in Villeray.

                    Mamie Clafoutis is in Outremont. Not far from Mile-End, but a bit west of it, and north of most of it.

                    1. re: lagatta

                      Falco is the chillest café in Mile End in my experience.
                      5605 de Gaspé

                      1. re: iharrison

                        Coming here to second Falco, I really enjoy the atmosphere there. Good food too if you're into japanese style lunch :)