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vanilla cake recipe?

I have been on a quest for the perfect vanilla cake recipe. Each one I make is too eggy. Full disclosure. I am an extremely tough dessert critic. I don't like Magnolia, Crumbs, Levain and all the other places that wow the masses. I also tried Billy's Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake recipe as suggested on another thread. I tossed them. They smelled like eggs and I was unimpressed. I'm considering taking my favorite chocolate cake recipe and tweaking it. I thought someone here would probably have a terrific recipe. Looking for moist, tender crumb, distinct vanilla flavor and not too eggy. If i want an omlette I'll make one! ;0) Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: soccermom13

      i have made that cake bunches of times and it gets devoured.

      also to the op: are you sure your cakes are cooked through? the egg taste may be raw batter. it's why i don't like those molten lava flourless chocolate cake messes. they are basically just raw in the center. yuk.

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        Yup, fully cooked. I think I have a sensitive palate. I'm pretty finicky about cakes.

    2. The vanilla bean cupcakes on chow are quite tasty, don't recall them being eggy:


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        I've made these - they weren't as strongly vanilla for my taste. But the salted caramel frosting was dynamite!

        1. re: Splendid Spatula

          This looks promising. I'm going to try them. Thanks!

      2. Have you tried any recipes from Rose Levy Beranbaum's Cake Bible? I confess I've only made her flourless chocolate truffle cake, but I think she's supposed to be reliable.

        1. This blog's creator has a big soft spot for vanilla cake and she has a ton of recipes with descriptions of all the different textures/tastes. Beautiful blog as well.


          1. I am so curious about your finding that all these cakes smell like eggs. I have never noticed that in a cake, but I am sure that if you search, you would find a vegan recipe that eschews eggs.

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              I think the issue is that many vanilla cake recipes contain 4 eggs. Hubby thought they tasted eggy too. I think we're just tough critics with desserts. I have yet to find a recipe that we both think is actually worth eating. I'm considering trying a recipe with egg whites. May help?! I feel like I'm searching for the Holy Grail...

            2. You might want to tweak recipes with textures you like to use fewer yolks and more whites, this should get rid of some of the eggy flavor. I'd also recommend using a vanilla bean paste or puree for a better vanilla flavor. I always add more to recipes than is called for. I've also had good results with a vanilla powder (nielsen-massey makes a good one)

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                I agree. I think an egg white cake may help. I use Nielson-Masey paste and always up the vanilla! I love the flavor.

              2. From Harold Mcgee, On Food and Cooking, "The white contributes the main sulfury note, the yolk a sweet, buttery quality." Beranbaum has one using only yolks you can try:

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                  Ah, the complete opposite of what I was thinking. Worth a shot!

                2. This may be more pound-cakey than you are looking for. But it is a truly killer vanilla cake.

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                    That looks like it would be delightful as an orange loaf cake. I may have to try it by adding orange and a citrus glaze. Thank you!