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Oct 25, 2011 05:52 PM

Visiting KL soon- recommendations near my hotels

I will be in KL soon to check out a business opportunity. I will be staying a few nights in the Mid-Valley area (Boulevard Hotel) and a few nights in central KL (Sheraton Imperial). I would like to find a few places near my hotels where I might get a good sample of the different kinds of food the city has to offer. Recommendations for anything from street food on up will do.

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  1. Your hotel's connected the Gardens Mall (and Mid-Valley Mall), with a few eateries worth checking out:

    Gardens Mall:
    1) Han Room (Cantonese-Chinese)
    2) Sage (Modern-French, fusion-Japanese)
    3) Alexis (bistro with good Malaysian selection like the Sarawak Laksa, and French-continental cakes)
    4) Crystal Jade Restaurant (HK-Cantonese-Chinese)
    5) Ying Ker Lou (Hakka-Chinese cuisine)

    The linkway from Gardens Mall to Mid-Valley Megamall also has quite a few interesting eateries worth checking out:
    6) Belanga Cafe (Kelantanese-Malay cuisine)

    Mid-Valley Megamall has some local/Asianm options which serve above-average renditions of the respectives cuisines:
    7) Little Penang Cafe (regional Penang street food)
    8) Madam Kwan (Malaysian staples like Nasi Lemak and Nasi Bojari)
    9) Amarin Heavenly Thai restaurant
    10) Esquire Kitchen/Nam Heong for Shanghainese cuisine plus Hainanese chicken rice

    1. SMy earlier post was for Boulevard Hotel in Mid-Valley Megamall/The Gardens vicinity.

      For Sheraton Imperial, you can start with the restaurants along the Asian Heritage Row (next to the hotel). Check out their website:

      Papparich will serve the ubiquitous kaya toasts, Malaysian-style coffee and "teh tarik" ("pulled", sweetened milk tea).

      Sheraton Imperial Hotel is downtown, so you can grab the monorail train from Medan Tunku station to Bukit Bintang station, where you can try places like:

      1) The famous foodcourt, Hutong Lot 10

      2) The food stalls at KL's most famous street-dining spot, Jalan Alor (please note that this place only comes alive in the evenings).

      1. klyeoh has covered your hotels in great detail.

        Just want to add that when you are at the Sheraton Imperial, try local institution Yut Kee which is nearby for Hainanese food at lunchtime. You can't go far wrong with the Roti Babi, Belachan Fried Rice, Chicken Chop, Kaya Toast and Soft Boiled Eggs. It's a short walk away through the shophouses and bars on Asian Heritage Row at Jalan Doraisamy.

        1. Thank you so much for your recommendations. Staying in the Mid Valley area would have been a disaster without your suggestions as the malls are packed with fast food outlets. Little Penang and Belanga were quite good.

          In downtown, Yut Key, was a great hole in the wall, and right by the Sheraton, as is Papparich. The whole experience at Yut Key was memorable and the food superb. Lot 10 in Bukit Bintang was wild and the fried pork won ton was crisper and had more pork in it that any I have eaten before.

          I also went on an epic search for fresh Durians. Due to this weekend being a holiday, I was told the stands that normally sell them were closed. A long drive almost for nothing (the beautiful mountain station and tropical forest were worth it). I tried to find a stand in Brickfields that I heard sells them but it looks like that spot has become a construction site for a high rise, as much of KL seems to be. I finally found some in a market. Luckily it had just been cut and packaged. I was able to go outside, away from anyone who might not want to smell it, and enjoyed myself.

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            Thanks for reporting back! Would have loved to show you around had I been in KL, but am in Indonesia till Dec.

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              When you return to KL, you may want to consider a new addition to Heritage Row, Cungdinh relocated from another area to Jalan Doraisamy two weeks ago. It is an upscale restaurant with a bar / night club (Saigon 2). I only sampled a few items. The beef and coconut stew is outstanding, It is served in a coconut shell so the spoon meat can be scraped out, making the rich dish even more delicious.

              I was there on Sunday night when the street was quiet so I had a chance to talk to the owner, Van, who is a charming hostess.

              Ground Floor, 36-38-40
              Heritage Row, Jalan Doraisamy

              1. re: Ringo Gato

                Thanks for the heads-up - so that's where Cung Dinh went to. It used to be located in a nice bungalow in One Bangsar (Jalan Ara) - a few minutes from my KL apartment. Heard many good things about it - unfortunately, by the time I moved to KL early this year, the One Bangsar restaurant precinct was winding down due to some rental dispute (?!) or something.