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Oct 25, 2011 04:13 PM

Looking for good lunch spot within 15 minutes of Justice/Summit, IL area

We will be in 7400 block of South Archer Avenue on Saturday and need a good lunch spot. Type of food is not important--just good food. Would like it to be within 15 minutes driving time of that area with traffic. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. I'd assume there should be plenty of good spots closer, but these should be within range, and I can vouch for them being good eats:

    Zacatacos on Harlem and Pershing. Steak - get the STEAK. Go there for steak tacos. Steak. The chicken is decent, and they do rock a proper spit with pineapple on top for the al pastor, but when this place has the steak going, and the salsa is nice and hot, it's easily one of the best in the entire chicagoland area for steak tacos. STEAK. I've had issues with their salt levels from time to time, but when they choose not to oversalt the meat, the STEAK is insanely good for the price. It's char grilled skirt steak, not griddle sauteed mystery meat like 98% of the taquerias in Chicagoland slop out. This place's steak can be INSANELY good, and if you like salsa made from chile de arbol which is usually fiery hot, and very earthy:

    It's a full taqueeria menu with enchiladas, soups, and a few platillos. Their offerings are for the most part, better than your average Chicagoland taqueria. The steak, however, is really something special when they do it right.

    the one at 3800 S harlem is easily within 15 min driving from Archer and Harlem

    There are tons of little spots all up and down Archer, and Harlem - I'm just not that familiar with any of them. Those three places are pretty decent stuff when they are on. All are dine in or take out - Zacatacos is tiny, but they do have table service.

    3837 Harlem Ave, Berwyn, IL 60402