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Good place to buy scotch in the east bay ?

I'm looking for a place along the lines of Beltramos or K&L in the east bay. Somewhere with a good selection of unusual single malts and a knowledgeable staff. Preferably towards Hayward/Oakland area.

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  1. Wrong direction but Ledger's fits the bill otherwise. FYI, they're sponsoring a tasting at Club Anton tomorrow night.

    Ledger's Liquors
    1399 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

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      Agreed that Ledger's is likely your best bet. The staff is quite knowledgeable and helpful. Unfortunately I don't know of anything in Oakland.

    2. Good selection Bevmo. Knowledgeable staff at Bevmo, perhaps but bring your googling device.
      For a really unusual gift see Kermit Lynch.

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        There's no hard liquor at Kermit Lynch. klwines.com = K&L. kermitlynch.com.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Are they not 2 different places? K&Lwines has liquor, Kermit&Lynch does not

            1. re: budnball

              yes. that's what Robert was saying.

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                  his post could have used a bit of editing for clarity ;-)

                  1. re: drewskiSF

                    He was just explaining it for me. I misread the link I posted which had been split off from a Kermit Lynch thread and you all know how easily I get confused.

          2. re: wolfe

            Bevmo is the last place I go to buy booze!

            1. re: Mission

              So, where DO you buy your liquor if you're so quick to dismiss BevMo? Sure, it's a box store, but it offers a decent to incredible selection, depending on what you're looking for, with fantastic prices. Sure, you won't get someone who curated the whiskey selections with whom you can have a decent conversation and get a good recommendation, but if you know what you want and you know they have it, what's so bad about it?

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                2nd. especially when they have their 5 cent sale. basically half off.

          3. Although I am not that much of a drinking man, I would think Ledger's would be your best bet. Never shopped for Scotch there, but they have a good selection of Flor de Cana rum.

            1. Despite the name, Wine on Piedmont has a selection of mostly unusual and high-end liquor.


              1. You might check out Costco. Not sure about the knowledgeable stuff on scotch but the prices can be very good. If you can search the internet, you can get a good deal on some stuff...$10 bucks off a decent bottles, that sort of stuff. 18yr Macallan for $60.

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                  Do not buy the house brand bourbon. For $40 it's stuff that is undrinkable. Other than two sips, I poured the rest down the drain. Some people on the internet like it. For the first few second in the mouth it's OK, but a little after swallowing the mouth develops this sour metallic taste which is very unpleasant and you'll want to never ever taste again.

                2. Thanks for the responses,
                  I'll check out Ledgers, it sounds like what I'm after.
                  I agree that both BevMo and Costco carry a good selection at a good price, but I'm after more rare and unusual bottles that Costco doesn't carry and BevMo only carries in seemingly random short supply.

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                    I recently was at the San Francisco Wine Trading Co. (Taraval & 14th St., SF) and was very impressed with the selection of rare single-malts they had in stock. It is not a large inventory, but they are carrying items I have never seen before. Granted, it is not in the East Bay, but it is worth a look if you are ever in the area.

                    1. re: DavidT

                      Seconded. With some surprisingly good prices on some things as well.

                      1. re: Spenbald

                        Yes. This is the former Mr. Liquor. Quite a nice selection.

                    2. re: kungful

                      Not to beat a dead Bevmo but check what the might have in Scotch for shipping and not on the shelf. I saw a 37 year old Bowmore for only $1400.
                      Bowmore 37 Year Old
                      The color is rich deep mahogany. Aromas are delicate with candied fruits, cinnamon and warm smokey undertones. Palate is lightly smoked with exotic fruits and vanilla. Warm, delicate and soft finish. $1,419.99
                      Not as sexy as the one at K&L but cheaper

                    3. It's been a few years, but Jackson's Wine and Spirits in Lafayette has a good selection, about a 15 min drive from Rockridge. IIRC, I got some independent bottler's offerings there.