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Oct 25, 2011 01:40 PM

Chicken Salad Dressing

There is a restaurant near me that serves nothing but cold sandwiches and salads. They make this chicken salad that has a creamy dressing that is quite nice. The dressing tastes a little bit sweeter than the usual chicken salad dressings I've tasted. I know it has mayonnaise and sour cream... and I've been told it has cream cheese in it, as well. That would make sense because it does have a nice balance of sweet. However, they use both grapes and apples in the "salad", so the sweetness may be coming from those components as well.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has run across a recipe for this dressing or has an idea of how it might be assembled. I have searched the web extensively and have not found anything that resembles this. TIA!

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  1. I wrote this down years ago, from a magazine. I think the recipe is southern.

    5 lbs chicken breasts

    2 qts water

    1 t seasoned salt


    l large onion, quartered

    2 chicken bouillon cubes

    Bring all except meat to boil, add meat, simmer until cooked through., about 40 min. Cool, shred, reserve.

    1/2 c Italian dressing

    1 c mayo

    2 T sugar

    1 T white vinegar

    1-1/2 t celery seed

    1/2 t salt


    Mix above together. To the chicken, add 1/2 c sour cream, 1 T honey, some chopped water chestnuts, almonds, or pecans, and as much of the dressing as suits your taste. (I never made this, just wrote it down and it seems like there was a direction about reserving some of the dressing to go over the final composed salad, which included greens, but I didn't write down that amount).

    No cream cheese or fruit here, but it does have the sweet element and the sour cream.

    1. Ask them next time? Sometimes when I make the "fruited' version of chicken salad, with grapes, apples, golden raisins, or pineapple, I sometimes add a little orange juice if my chicken looks a little dry. I usually use a grocery rotisserie chicken, sometimes the day old, dollar off ones, and they can be a bit dry. But I wouldn't use citrus if I were making a savory version like curry or chipotle or sun-dried tomato.

      1. scroll down to "Cardinal Chicken Salad" (2nd recipe on the page):

        1. Thanks for the responses. None of these are what I'm looking for, though. Really, I'm not looking for a new chicken salad recipe... I'm looking for the proportions for the dressing only. The rest, I have figured out. I'm just wondering if anyone has a recipe for a dressing that calls for nothing more than mayo, sour cream, and cream cheese. That's it. It will save me time and money if someone already has it, but if not, I'll spend a couple of hours and the money to figure it out myself. The dressing, along with the salad ingredients really are very delicious:

          - Oven roasted chicken rubbed with mild curry
          - Roasted pecans
          - Halved grapes
          - Chopped apple

          That's it. Very simple, but very delicious. The dressing gets a little yellowish from the curry and I was told is is only mayo, sour cream, and cream cheese. Nothing more. It's really quite nice.

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            I always add honey to mine, it's what the German delis always did. Just a drizzle, not too much. Put it over the chicken and mix in before you put your preferred dressing.

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              since none of us know what it tastes like but you do, AND you seem to know all the ingredients, why don't you just play around with the proportions yourself until it tastes right to you?

            2. The balance that you taste is probably red wine (or other) vinegar and honey. You can also use agave.