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Oct 25, 2011 12:44 PM

Cracker crust quiche?

I can make okay pie crust. Nothing great. I have sudden urge for quiche in the middle of week and I just don't have time or energy enough to make a pie crust after work. I don't want to buy them either. So, I was thinking of making a crust from cracker crumb. Will that work for quiche? Should I bake the crust first and then add the filling? I don't have a removable bottom tart tin and I am a very ameature cook with very little kitchen equipment and a strong passion for home made food. Help me please.

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  1. Hmm. Bear with me--I saw Guy Fieri make a crust from crackers for pumpkin creme brulee. There was sugar in it, but why couldn't you make it without the sugar for your quiche? He didn't bake the crust--just poured the custard right over it, so you should be able to do the same with your quiche.

    Here's his recipe (I know, there's brown sugar and pecans)--you can use as a springboard:

    AHA, and here's a recipe you don't need to play with--cracker crust for quiche = a sleeve of Ritz crackers and a stick of butter. This one gets baked for 5 mins. La la laaaaaaaa! Quick quiche is yours!

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    1. re: kattyeyes

      Now that's what I am talking about. Quiche for dinner tonight. YAY!

      1. re: raisa

        All right! :) Did you bake the crust? You made me wanna make quiche like this! How'd you like it?

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Yes, I baked the crust first then pored in the custard. The crust was nice actually. Of course not better than a handmade pie shell but better than mine. I will make often, I guess

          1. re: raisa

            That sounds great. What a clever idea! You could experiment with other things, too. Pretzel crust comes to mind. Maybe a Wheat Thins crust would be good?

    2. You can use any crackers, pretzels, chips, unsweetened cereal, homemade bread crumbs, and/or nuts that you want to get rid of. Add enough oil or melted butter to give the crumbs the consistency of wet sand, press into a pie pan, and add your fillings and custard. The custard WILL seep into the crust but as it bakes, will solidify the crumbs so that the quiche slices neatly. The crust will not be pastry-like, but it will be delicious. It will be more the consistency of the bottom of a pan of magic bars.

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      1. re: greygarious

        Well, I hadn't planned on making a crust, but you have given me a great idea! You say "unsweetened cereal" and I have this huge amount of Rice Krispies that I've been trying to find a use for. I had wanted to make some bars and needed 2 c of Rice Krispies, but couldn't find them in the supermarket (I live in Mexico). I mentioned it to a friend and she showed up at my house with the biggest box of Rice Krispies I'd ever seen. The bars aren't worth repeating. I tried eating a bowl for breakfast (that IS what they're for) but so blah! I'll bet they would be just fine ground up and baked as a crust. You think?

        1. re: MazDee

          I'm sure Rice Krispies would work just dandy, but are you SURE you don't want to make a batch of Rice Whisky treats? REALLY? :) I just need to grab more Maker's and I'll be off to the races again. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...and MOOOOOOO! I cannot resist them!

          ETA: If you don't roll on the sweet side of the street, ground unsweetened cereal (Cap'n Crunch, too, for that matter) makes great breading for fried chicken.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            You got my attention, Kattyeyes! I want some Rice Whiskey treats, and I don't even know what they are. Recipe?

            1. re: MazDee

              It's the original Marshmallow Treats recipe with 5.5 cups of Rice Krispies and 2 tablespoons (+ 1 teaspoon, even) of Maker's Mark and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. If you google "rice whisky treats" you'll find the whole deal. ;) Add the bourbon at the end when all the marshmallows are melted and you remove the pan from the heat--I hate to think I'm burning any of the alcohol off. HA HA HA! They taste very much like fall!

              1. re: kattyeyes

                I made these for the Halloween block party that got rained out, so we sent an e-mail around telling the neighbors to stop by for some "adult" treats. They went over brilliantly and I've already had to share the recipe. The Spouse would prefer less cinnamon as he doesn't want the taste of the bourbon diluted, but everyone else loved them.

                Thanks for a great recipe!

                1. re: rockycat

                  EXCELLENT--I'll need to try 'em without the cinnamon, too. Love the idea of "adult" treats!

          2. re: MazDee

            Rice krispies will be fine. You should whir them in a processor or crush in a bag using a rolling pin so they are even consistency. Another idea for using the cereal would be Bhelpuri, a type of Indian chaat. The recipe is pretty flexible, googling will take you to many choices.

            It's street food, analogous to a savory party mix with onions and some dressing. There's also mee krob, the Thai dish. It is made with fried rice noodles, which taste like rice krispies and have the same crunch. You could make an ersatz version using the cereal instead of exploding a handful of rice noodles in boiling oil. I won't tell!

          3. re: greygarious

            This is a wonderful and glorious thing to know. Thank you!!

          4. You can just make quiche without the crust, and serve it with some toasted baguette or the like. This is my "cheating" quiche! Much quicker.

            1. I have a fantastic squash tart recipe with a cracker crumb crust that I love. So yes, you can do it!

              My recipe uses crushed wheat crackers like Wheatsworth, butter and pepper. You press it into the pan and prebake for 8 to 10 minutes until crisp and a little brown. Then let shell cool.
              Then fill.

              A nice change from the usual and way easier.

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              1. re: karykat

                Would you be willing to share the squash tart recipe? It sounds intriguing and I have a surfeit of squash!

              2. Oh, here is the quiche. I used spinach, button mushroom and Gruyere for the filling.

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                1. re: raisa

                  Looks great! How did you like the crust?

                  1. re: jvanderh

                    I found the crust rather good. Hand rolled real pastry would of course taste better but I am not good at making pastry. I used some cheese flavored crackers and butter. Noting that it took me less than 7 minutes to make the crust including baking, it's a favorite from now on. It can hardly go wrong. I will use the same thing for caramel ganache tart tomorrow.