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Oct 25, 2011 12:16 PM

Best Japanese-Style Breakfast in Tokyo?

I'm visiting my family in Tokyo this winter and I'm looking for a great Japanese-style breakfast spot to go to. I'm looking for the traditional grilled fish, rice, pickles, onsen tamago type of meal, and I'd pay up to 3000 yen/person. I'll be staying with my parents, who are about five minutes by train to Shinjuku, and I'm willing to travel about 30 to 40 minutes for this.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Hotels are about the only place I can think of that would serve Japanese breakfast. There are a lot to choose from in Shinjuku.

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    1. re: Robb S

      thanks, robb. i'll do some research into shinjuku hotels. i had a japanese breakfast at the century hyatt in shinjuku a few years ago and it was a small piece of grilled fish with pickles and rice. nothing fancy. i'm looking for an awesome breakfast with all kinds of little dishes, sort of like the kind of breakfasts they serve you in ryokans. i don't know if they exist outside of ryokans...

      1. re: nuknuks

        Occidental breakfast (=eggs, salad, bread) at the restaurant Lieu or Japanese breakfast (=dried or grilled fish, rice, miso soup) at the Washoku Yukuri, the Hotel Niwa in Suidobashi can offer you the both options for 2,300.-yens or 2,900.-yensĀ
        (=Michelin guide 2011).

        1. re: Ninisix

          Ah yes, that essential element of the "Occidental Breakfast" - the breakfast salad!

          Seriously though, if someone is located five minutes from Shinjuku, they probably don't have to travel to Suidobashi for a Japanese breakfast - with the Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Keio Plaza, and, um, Prince hotels to choose from, I'm sure one of them must do an acceptable Japanese breakfast buffet.

          1. re: Robb S

            Agree on Shinjuku choice of hotels.
            So to fill the blanks, my choice of the Hotel Niwa is the human size, not the big hall of the huge hotels... And even Japanese breakfast will have salad, it can not be compared to the salad buffet with all the varieties of tomatoes, salads, mizuna, paprika,... And in part 2, quiet time.

    2. The Japanese restaurant on the top floor of the Tokyu Excel hotel in Shibuya serves a traditional Japanese breakfast - I stay there often, and enjoy it (and the view).
      There's also a western style restaurant on the same floor, so be sure you go to the correct place

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      1. re: OGguy

        thank you for all of your suggestions. i wish i could try them all. haha.

        i'll look into the hotels in the shinjuku area because the thought of traveling far on an empty stomach is unappealing and will definitely be unpleasant for my breakfast companions (i get cranky when i'm hungry).

        1. re: nuknuks

          Where did you end up going? I suddenly had a craving for Japanese breakfast, and barring a pilots' strike, i should be in Tokyo in a couple of days!