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Oct 25, 2011 12:07 PM

Dan Dan Noodles in Boulder/Denver?

Anyone have a recommendation of where to get good Dan Dan Noodles on the Front Range? I made them from a recipe last night and they were delicious (my first time cooking with sichuan peppercorns - what a neat sensation!) but I have no idea if they tasted like real Dan Dan Noodles are supposed to taste, since I've never had them before. Haven't seen them on any menus around here, but I don't go out for Chinese too much. Thanks!

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  1. Lao Wang Noodle house has amazing Dan Dan Noodles (not to mention phenomenal potstickers and dumplings).

    945 S Federal Blvd, Ste D, Denver, CO 80219 (right next to J's Noodles, if you know it).

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      Lao Wang is beyond awesome. While I've not had the Dan Dan, the soup dumplings and potstickers are fantastic. Service can be slow as it's run by a sweet, but old Taiwanese couple. It's well worth it though IMO, and my Taiwanese friend loved the food there - so pretty authentic.

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        Excellent. It's now officially on "the list."

        1. re: monopod

          I'm glad I'm not the only fan. Their son's beer from Caution Brewing is on offer there as well - Lao Wang Lager. It's actually not bad.

          I was just there last week but all this talk has me craving...

      2. Finally got down to Lao Wang. Holy crikey, those Dan Dan Noodles are awesome. What a study in perfect balance - no one flavor dominates, all of these strong flavors (peanut, spicy, meaty, etc.) perfectly lined up. I tried to get two orders to go when I was leaving so I could eat them all week, but ordering takes so long that I gave up. Potstickers and XLB were amazing too. Definitely going to return, hopefully soon and often.

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          love love love lao wang. besides the great xlb and potstickers, i love the cold sesame noodles with chicken. i put that sesame dressing on there, all the garlic, a little of the chili oil....oh man i want some right now. be sure to call first though. i called to get some takeout the other night, it was a thursday night around 7, and they were closed. so i had to go to star kitchen for some dry style chow fun. one of my favorite restaurants on south federal.

        2. We are sorry to report that Lao Wang Noodle on Federal is no longer in business.

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          1. re: aledm

            NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So sorry to hear this.

            1. re: aledm

              Whaaa??? Any word on why? That's horrible!

              1. re: monopod

                AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! what the hell? im gonna favorite cold sesame noodles in the world, gone...

              2. re: aledm

                I was there last Saturday and they were definitely open for business. They are closed on Mondays, though.

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                  Westword just confirmed that Lao Wang is NOT closed permanently; apparently they're just remodeling for a couple of days. Business as usual come Friday. Thank goodness!


                2. Does anyone know whether The Ancient Chinese Couple are still there and running Lao Wang Noodle House (945 S. Federal Blvd., Denver, tel. 303-975-2497)?

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                    Yes, see the article link I posted above (again below) - Westword called and confirmed with the son of the elderly couple that they are indeed still running Lao Wang.


                    1. re: monopod

                      In case any doubt remained, Lao Wang is officially back open. No word on what the renovations consist of - gonna have to go down and check it out, apparently.


                    2. re: aledm

                      aledm- where did you hear that they had closed, and why do you keep posting this question? Mountain States is a small board, once would have been plenty.

                      1. re: cheesemonger

                        Sorry about that. The people who originally introduced us to the restaurant gave us that info. They said that they tried to go. If I remember correctly we went once and had a great meal and the next time it wasn't open.... Anyway, we're glad that we were wrong.

                    3. lao wang will do "to go" orders, but not always over the phone. i called once to place a take out order, and the lady yelled something, not sure what (possibly in chinese) and hung up. so i went up there and placed the order and she was sweet as punch. ??? also, u might want to call before u decide to eat there because i have experienced them being closed on random days when they are advertised to be open.

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                        We've been to Lao Wang and the restaurant is open and the Ancient Chinese Couple are there and working! Mr. Ancient showed me their schedule and they are closed both Mondays and Tuesdays.