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Oct 25, 2011 11:23 AM

Dinner at NuNu’s Bistro in Colchester, CT

My wife and I took houseguests to NuNu’s Bistro in Colchester for dinner last Saturday night. This was our first NuNu’s experience and we selected it on the basis of a review that I recalled reading a few years past.
Nu Nu's is located in a nicely restored 1850 Victorian carriage house on the Colchester Green.

NuNu’s is BYOB with a $2.00 per glass corkage fee; the menu is Sicilian Italian. Bread and salad are included with entrees.

The bread is well below average and served with butter pats. Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dipping is available for $1.95.

We all shared a bowl of imported Italian mixed olives – definitely worth the $5.50 tariff and a good way to kick off dinner.
The menu was very homey and rustic – ie, Sucilian comfort food. Our guests ordered Sicilian top round Veal Cutlet (ie, topped with Italian cheese), and Italian Sausage & Peas -- w/ marinara sauce seasoned with basil and garlic. My wife and I enjoyed shrimp and seafood fra diavololo over penne, which were very nicely seasoned -- a bit hot and spicy. Servings were large and very satisfying. Prices were reasonable.
Although allegedly haunted, we had no paranormal visitors during our visit. The restaurant’s main dining room is on the first floor and a large dining/function room fills the second. A trip upstairs during dinner to view the historic turn-of-the-century stenciling is certainly worthwhile.

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  1. Haven't been in maybe ten years. Glad to hear it's still pretty good. Not much out that way except for Harry's.

    1. I would have given this place zero stars if I could. To begin with, we almost missed the small sign on the road pointing to the restaurant at the end of a gravel paved alley in back of the houses on the road. When we went down the alley, we found that the sump hole they call a parking lot flared out beside an unkempt, dilapidated old two story house, reminiscent of the ones they tore down in Hartford during the '60s. To warn off potential victims, the house is painted pink and the paint is falling off the outer walls.

      My wife had received a $25.00 "gift certificate" for this place, so we decided to go in anyway just to spend the certificate. Unfortunately we went for brunch, where the bill for two people came to $36.00. The fine print on the "gift certificate" specified that we had to spend a minimum of $50.00 in order to receive the "gift" therefore making this piece of paper a DISCOUNT certificate. Our hostess informed of of this scam, but we actually decided to stay anyway.

      When we went inside, we were greeted by the site of an older man sitting in the kitchen with an unlit cigar in his mouth. What a great introduction. We got a table in a corner underneath an air conditioner mounted through the wall. I assume that that's the only air conditioning they have.

      The brunch was on two tables set up at the opposite sides of a big room. One side had salad with an acrid dressing made up of vinegar and who know what other ingredients, and the other side had a table set up with hot foods such as meatballs and ravioli. The disaster on the hot end is that the offerings are laid out in a double row, one set of pans behind the other, making it necessary for patrons to reach over the front pans to get to the rear pans. If you don't get your sleeve soiled from the front pan, you can be sure that hair and other particles are falling from others sleeves in to the front pans. And we were expected to eat this?

      The "deserts" which were laid out on the cold table consisted of a tiny slice of pastry on a small dish and a few miniature canolies. I opted for the canoli, which was dry. When the "meal" was finally over, a waitress brought us two cups of coffee without asking if we wanted any. I don't drink coffee, so I had to waste mine. Of course, this was also part of the scam, because when we received our bill ( I had to chase down the server to ask for it), we were charged for two cups of coffee we never ordered.

      Disgusted, my wife tried to pay the bill with cash and a Visa gift card and was told that they didn't accept gift cards because their machine couldn't process them. Good thing I came with cash. We paid the bill in cash and exited vowing between us that we would just throw away the "gift" certificate before ever returning to this filthy roach coach without wheels.

      In summary, friends, you would be better off going through the McDonald's drive through then wasting your time and money on this dive. I've taken some time to write this interview as a warning to you. Please listen to it. You will regret it if you don't. When anyone suggests Nu Nus just shout NO NO!

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        Brunch can be troublesome...hope you didn't travel too far for it

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          I haven't been in more years than I can count--that bad, huh? It used to be decent, but I never went for buffet (nor did I even know they served one).