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Oct 25, 2011 11:20 AM

large ice cubes

Can anyone point to me an online retailer where I can purchase a tray or gadget that makes large ice cubes?

I'm thinking something similiar to the cube in this picture.

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    1. re: Sydneyeats

      Thanks for the tip - I ordered one for my dad for christmas - he's always complaining that his ice melts too fast. Just FYI - it's backordered til Nov 11.

      1. Here's a similar product that makes 6 2"-sized cubes at a time. The bottle corners are chamfered which makes them easier to get out. My only problem is that they just barely fit into my lowball glasses. They fit sideways if I don't fill them all the way (which is way easier, since they don't spill). With one of these, I can fit a drink that has 3-4 oz of ingredients into the shaker -- perfect for my use.


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        1. re: EvergreenDan

          We have these and they work great in most of our double old fashioned glasses. As Dan said, the cubes just pop right out. They contain 8 cubic inches of ice (most ice cubes are around 1+ cubic inches).

          Originally, I was using plastic cups and peeling away the plastic. Then ice balls from MOMA which are attractive but harder to extract:


          1. re: yarm

            I can always count on you guys, thank you.

            I did some researching and came across a piece that discussed the balloon method for making spheres. Worth a shot?

            1. re: pete k

              That sounds like something Camper English of Alcademics wrote about a year or two ago. It will work, just make sure you rinse the inside of any powder or other residue that will add off flavors to the ice.

        2. They both appear to be the same size, 2 sq inches. I wonder if there are trays that make bigger cubes out there? Does anyone know if an inexpensive way to recreate an ice sphere?

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          1. re: pete k

            Inexpensive? Ice pick and lots of practice :-)

            1. re: davis_sq_pro

              I use a paring knife and a bar towel and carve large chunks or cubes into spheres. Faster than an ice pick, although I do like my set of Suntory ice picks.