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Oct 25, 2011 10:04 AM

Top Chef Texas - Season 9 - debuts on Wed., November 2nd!

Yes, I know it's been discussed before, but just thought I'd throw a reminder out there. ::::Squee!:::

I'm looking at new laptops to be able to comment on the recap thread without running up and down the stairs every 5 minutes. :-)

Looks like Bourdain is out as a semi-regular judge and Lagasse and Acheson are in as semi-regular judges. And they don't yet have the bios up of the potential cheftestants - because they'd have to take down 13 of them the first night. :-)

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  1. ohboyohboyohboy!

    I can't wait! :)

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. No Bourdain? total bummer.

        I still fondly remember the comment he made about Marcel's dessert--"perfect shitstorm of f'ing awfulness". That's poetry.

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        1. re: coney with everything

          LindaWhit is sadz her boytoyfriend isn't going to be on this season. Perhaps they'll surprise us and he and her other boytoyfriend, Chef Ripert, will be surprise guests. That would make her VERY happy. :-)

        2. Thanks for the reminder! I've been so busy with work, I didn't even notice that a new season was upon us. I'll be able to catch the first episode, but I'll be traveling on business for both the second and third weeks, so I'll miss your recaps and talking to you about the episodes. I'll be back after that, though. Yay to Top Chef!

          1. I've mixed feelings about it being in Texas.

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            1. re: huiray

              I do too and I live here. Re-watching Top Chef All Star marathon today, so plenty of Top Chef Texas commercials. Some of the stupid, sterotypical scenes I've seen are Padma and Tom in their western duds, lots of hay bales, calf roping, chefs in a field of dirt, Padma gnawing on a rib while bad country music plays, I could go on. I'm trying to have an open mind, but don't have much faith in Bravo. At least they're staying out of my city, Houston.


              1. re: James Cristinian

                I saw one of the TC-AS shows this evening around dinnertime, and saw a preview with Tom C. in jeans and cowboy boots and Padma in a country-type dress. Gah. Please, dear Food Gods, do NOT go there with Top Chef!

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  Oh believe me they will go there. Everyone that comes to Texas on TV has to show everyone what they think Texas is all about, even though it is a cliche. Nobody in Houston wears boots and cowboys clothes except for the 2 and 1/2 weeks of Rodeo, and then it's pretty much held to Reliant Stadium. Baseball came for the All Star came and did a real nice spot on Houston, then went to the "real" Texas, a dirty gnarly pig farm. Let's hope they tone down the faux Texas angle and let the chefs cook, but I expect to see a heavy dose of silliness, every show that comes here does it.

                  1. re: James Cristinian

                    i was in Houston probably 6 years ago, twice within 2 years, and i did see people in cowboy boots and even hats. not everywhere, but in malls, and elsewhere. now, i was visiting a friend in Katy, which i know is a pretty suburban place..... but you can't say it doesn't exist at all.... can you?

                    but yes, of course it's a total stereotype, and yes, of course Top Chef will run with it. and yes, it will be really annoying!

                    1. re: mariacarmen

                      And yet with all the Texas yee-hah they're going to do 95% of all their shopping at Whole Foods, avoiding local markets at all costs. So it hardly matters where the show is actually shot, in a way. Really annoying every single season.

                      1. re: ratgirlagogo

                        You do know that Whole Foods is one of the sponsors that makes the show possible?

                      2. re: mariacarmen

                        It does exist to a very small degree, but not the hype the national media puts on it. I work in a very large non mall retailer, ando I see boots every 2-3 days, the full outfit every week or more. My sample IS hundreds a day, and not thousands like the mall, but it is largely non-existent.