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Oct 25, 2011 09:28 AM

Tortuga in Hamilton, NJ

So the other day I went to K Fusion on Rt.33 in Hamilton for lunch and noticed that Tattonis right next door has closed down and a Mexican restaurant, Tortugas, is in its place. I have been to the Tortugas in Princeton as well as the one over the bridge in PA. I know those two are related and I was wondering if anyone knew if this one was also apart of that same ownership.

Personally I think we have plenty of Italian eateries in this area so to me it's good news, I'm just curious as to whether I can expect the same quality I've received at other Tortuga locations or if this a new owner. Thanks a lot everyone!

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  1. When i visited the Hamilton location the first time, we asked the owner if they related to the Tortuga's in Princeton, since the menu is quite similar. He said that they where years ago and then he split off and opened a Tortuga's location in Trenton. They moved the Trenton location to the new spot in Hamilton, which is also a BYOB.

    I've been the Hamilton location twice already . I very much enjoyed my meals, as did everyone i dined with. The first time I had the Pollo Verde (which had a very fresh tasting tomatillo sauce) and the second time I had the Bistek Mexicana (cooked with onions, peppers and had a nice kick to it :-) ). And thier tostones are delicious.

    I definitely recommend giving it a try. My frinds and I will definitely be visiting Tortuga's frequently!

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      Tortuga's is decent but pricey. For really good authentic Mexican, head over to Ewing to Mexican Mariachi Grill. They are at 1505 Parkway Ave (turns into Upper Ferry). Everything is good. We particularly love the fish tacos and steak tacos. Save room for dessert - they are all homemade and KILLER.

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        DH and I went for the first time tonight, enjoyed it. Since I usually order chicken in my "fillings" I was happy to see they used real, white meat chicken, not the processed junk. Had enchiladas with a sauce not listed on the menu, I think he called it something like "machada", since my first choice, mole, was not available. It was tasty, and had quite a nice burn from chiles. The rice on the plate was simple, but moist, and the refrieds were pretty fresh tasting.
        Only disconnect (minor) was that I'm not crazy about the salsa given with the chips, it is like a salsa fresca, but very vinegary. The chips are nice and hearty, grainy texture.
        Looking forward to trying some other items, hope he's able to get a supply of mole one of these days.

        1. re: BeeZee

          I'm very glad that you enjoyed Mexican Mariachi! They are very close personal friends and we urged them for years to open a restaurant - and they finally did 2 years ago. Mole isn't common to the area of central Mexico that they are from - Saltillo. But I also hope that they will add it to their menu in time - perhaps for their next location.

          And yes, the chicken is all from whole boneless chicken breasts. I can attest to that as I've personally helped them prep now and again. All their ingredients are very fresh and high quality.

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            my post was about Tortuga, but I'll probably try Mariachi some other time, it's not as close to home

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              Ah ... ooops. Well please let us know when you go. Be sure to order at least one fish taco and one steak taco! And save room for desserts - they are awesome!