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Apr 28, 2006 04:09 PM

Aguas Frescas

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I am looking for some freshly made aguas frescas in a variety of fruit flavors, i.e., Cantalouope, Strawberry, Watermelon, Guayaba, etc in and around the L.A. area. Most of the joints i've visited either have the generic Horchata/Jamaica or dispense their so-called aguas frescas via fountain. What i'm truly looking for here is some old fashioned juice drinks brought out in those huge clear plastic jugs a la mexico. The only "great" frescas i've spotted thus far in LA is at the Century City Farmer's Market in the same place they sell those delightful Bacon Hot Dogs.

Any help is appreciated and will travel up to 20 miles for refreshments. I live in Hollywood so the closer the better. Thanks again.

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  1. Just had a fresa (strawberry) agua fresca at La Taquiza by USC to wash down my mulitas.

    1. Most aguas frescas made from actual fruta fresca comes only during season -- so you could probably get strawberry now, but guayaba and watermelon and canteloupe you'll need to wait for.

      The same bacon-hot-dog-and-aguas-frescas place is at the Studio City farmers' market on Sunday morning, by the way, and their biĆ³nico is very tasty.

      As for where else to get them, Vallarta Supermarket on Vineland between Vanowen and Sherman (right by the Burbank Airport) usually has a fine selection in the cafe in the east end of the building.

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        I've posted this before, but again the agua frescas at Vallarta are the tops. They use fresh fruit and have a selection of 2-3 types as well as Horchata etc. The one I go for is called Agua de Frutas and is a combination of watermelon, cantalope, strawberry and others. Just delicious.

      2. You can actually get these tonight at the farmers market in Eagle Rock. It's in the parking lot of St Dominic's church. There is a Pupusa stand that sells about 5 varieties, and there is a Mexican stand that sells even more varieties. Clear Plastic Jugs and all. I believe it starts at 5 or so and goes up till around 9pm. Good luck.

        1. El Zarape in North Hollywood & Van Nuys serves various flavors from mango, watermelon, cantelope, and more as well as Jaimaca, and other delicious meals. Plus their homemade corn tortillas they make there are amazing!

          Just call 411 for info

          I go to the one on Burbank Blvd by Laurel Cyn.


          1. Alegria on Sunset also has agua frescas all year round--no jugs, but made fresh for you. It's on sunset in silverlake.