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Oct 25, 2011 07:14 AM

Recent Problem with Trader Joe's Coffee

the beans in the last three cans of Sumatra i've purchased have been charred beyond drinkability...we're talking completely *blackened* and dried out.

anyone else running into this, ether with Sumatra or any of their other blends?

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  1. I've been alternating their Sumatra with WF's Pleasant Morning Buzz beans for some time, and also found my last can from TJ's lacking. I personally like this blend because it's pretty potent and I'm sure purists would consider it overroasted generally, but I agree that my most recent purchase was definitely "off."

    Got mine from the Annapolis, MD store BTW.

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    1. re: laststandchili

      thanks for the reply. i was just at my local NJ store about an hour ago - showed the manager the contents of the cans and he agreed they were problematic. grabbed a couple more off the shelf - different lot numbers stamped on the bottom - and when we opened one, same problem...beans were black & dried out.

      [cue TJ's excellent customer service]

      the manager refunded my money for the bad cans *and* insisted that i try a can of the Organic Sumatra for free since it comes from a different roaster. he's going to let their quality control department know about the problem, and i really hope they get it squared away because it was the best product i've found at that price point.

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Very cool. I'll stick to my Pleasant Morning Buzz for a couple weeks and see if the improvement ripples south.

        1. re: laststandchili

          i tried the Organic Sumatra.


          i failed to realize when i grabbed the can (and the manager didn't mention this either) that it's a medium roast, whereas the conventional Sumatra is a dark roast. the flavor is a little boring - no characteristic Sumatra earthiness, no real body to it, and definitely not bold enough for me...but hey, not *that* bad considering the price i paid for it ;)

          1. re: laststandchili

            saw the PMB today, was deciding between that and the Organic Pacific Rim so i asked the barista which one was bolder. he said the Pacific, so i grabbed it - should be finished with my free can from TJ's by the weekend so i'll try it out then. oh, and i checked the TJ's Sumatra again today - there were different people behind the counter so i asked them if i could open a can in front of them. yep, still dried out & blackened. they all agreed it was a problem but said this was the first they'd heard about it & hadn't seen any e-mails in their system. clearly there's a communication breakdown there so i'm going to contact TJ's quality control directly.