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Oct 25, 2011 04:55 AM

Plum Clafouti

Hi, So I have never made one actually, but I saw the recipe in
Cook's Illustrated and want to try it ~ sounds marvelous !!
Although of course I don't have fresh cherries, I do have plums
The only thing is, I don't have the cognac that the recipe calls for
(cherries = amaretto, plums = cognac with this recipe)

I don't happen to think my bar is tooo poorly stocked, but
I don't have a cognac on hand, and really I am hoping I don't have to go out
and buy some, but of course, if I must, then I must....

Has anyone tried this particular recipe, and can the cognac be
substituted for something else and work just as well ?

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  1. You don't need cognac, per se. If you want dimension to accent the plums, add lemon zest and a dash of good cinnamon. Real vanilla too, of course.
    Perfect weather for claufoutis.
    Are you using prune plums?

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    1. re: monavano

      Agreed. Grand Marnier/Cointreau/Triple Sec or brandy would be good on the plums instead of Cognac.

    2. Thanks !!! Those are great suggestions and I will give them a try !
      I appreciate it !

      1. Brandy works fine -- so does a shot of gold or dark rum.