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Oct 25, 2011 04:34 AM

Give up or keep trying? Adjusting to black beans.

I love black beans but my body doesn't seem to be able to handle them. I feel almost instantly sick when I eat them (I burp, I can hear lots of gurgling, and get discomfort). I don't have this problem with baked beans/chilli beans, but I don't eat a lot of other beans. I don't have IBS and I generally eat an avg amount of fibre (plenty of wholegrains). Just wondering if anyone who has had a similar reaction has found their body got used to them or whether the problem has persisted.
I've been trying just eating half a cup at a time on alternate days to try to get my system used to them but I'm not having any success and surprised by how quickly the reaction comes on and how I've never had these symptoms with any other food. I really love the flavor so would be a shame to nix them from my diet completely. Maybe I could try another type of bean that has the same type of taste rather than the sweeter type beans used in baked beans/chilli beans? Also wondering whether switching brands might help (I'm using organic canned).

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  1. I'd give dry a shot, and do the hot soak (boil 5 min, put in fridge until ready to use, rinse and use new water to cook).

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      I agree with this suggestion to try dried black beans. Rinse well, cover in cold water, and soak 6-8 hours or overnight. Toss the soaking water and rinse again. Boil for about 40 mins to an hour, till tender. These will be firm for salads. If you want brothy black beans, boil a little longer and season your broth, or fry a seasoning on the side and pour it into your beans after they are tender. Don't salt the water until after they are tender. I think you will prefer the taste of dried re-hydrated beans to canned, as well as experience more ease in digestion.

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        The hot water is supposed to extract or convert more oligosaccharides.

    2. My body doesn't love beans either, but I find black beans easiest to digest myself. Usually use canned, whatever's on sale (Goya, Progresso, not organic). But I don't eat them by themselves, always mixed in rice or chili or something.

      1. Could it be the oligosaccharides in the black beans that your body is objecting to?

        If you're eating beans you've cooked yourself, some find that soaking* the beans then discarding the water used for soaking before cooking can help by allowing some of the oligosaccharides to leach out into the water. (*soaking overnight; or if preceded by a two-minute boil, for one hour)

        Eating a diet high in fiber also seems to help.

        And then there are over-the-counter remedies available in the pharmacy that supposedly can help digest the oligosaccharides.

        1. Either consider using an enzyme like the brand Beano or eat more beans. The more you eat the more your body will be able to digest them but it maybe rough going in the beginning

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            While I have no trouble with beans, my partner, who eats tons of them also continued to experience upset. But after trying Beano and many other enzymes she finally found Gas Stop int he health food store. For her it works like a dream. Pricey , though.

          2. I always have a few spoonfuls of yoghurt after eating my bean dinner. It seems to help. Does not eliminate tummy issues but it seems to knock it down to bearable.