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Oct 24, 2011 09:39 PM

Trader Joe's Holiday Items - 2011

Just holding a place here for the winter seasonal items discussions in hopes they won't get scattered around in a bunch of miscellaneous threads. The year-end Fearless Flyer should be out very soon.

My fingers are crossed for the return of the french truffles in the red box. I have my doubts that the cookie kit (with cutters, icing, and colored sugars) will be back. It must have sold poorly last year, because it was marked down to 99 cents BEFORE Christmas, and there were loads of boxes available.

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that even at 99 cents they are still making a good profit on the cookie kit.

    1. I really like the Vanilla Cinnamon (I believe...) Tea that came out last year.

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      1. re: frannieface77

        Love that tea too. It smells fabulous.

      2. The Tyngsborough MA store lost all its perishables in last week's power outage but is pretty sell restocked. I didn't see any Christmas items when I shopped there today but the fried onions in the green-topped cardboard canister are in. I missed out last year, not realizing that they are ordered for Thanksgiving only, so by December they were gone.

        Not a holiday item, but I bought an extra bag of jasmine rice because floods in Thailand have, according to NPR, destroyed this year's crop.

        According to a clerk there, the Christmas items are starting to arrive this week. No sign of the Fearless Flyer yet, though they had a "Pilgrim" handout for T'day items.

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          I forgot to mention that they had the frozen puff pastry sheets and frozen pie crusts too. IIRC the puff and perhaps the crusts are winter season only. I don't buy the crusts so I'm not sure when they get those in. I also got cranberry-apple butter and don't know if that's a regular item. I do recall cranberry-apple chutney a few years back, and this is a different item.

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            The pie crusts came in a couple of weeks ago, but they go quickly. I got the last one when I was there last week.

        2. Lots of holiday items back in my store in Berkeley, CA. Chocolate covered candy cane Joe Joes, sea salt caramels (delicious!!), advent calendars, those dark chocolate covered shortbread stars, milk chocolate oranges, and a number of new items. There were some tiny chocolate/peppermint coated waffle cookies that were intriguing.

          No cookie kits, but they are selling baggies of three cookie cutters (Christmas themed) for $.99

          Going to TJ's is so much fun during the holidays.

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          1. re: betterbeheaven

            Oh, I love those chocolate covered shortbread stars!

          2. They had one of my favorites: cranberry orange relish. It's wonderful with French cream line yogurt. I wait for it every year. (I know this is a Thanksgiving special item).

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            1. re: Helene Goldberg

              is this the uncooked one i just saw in fearless flyer?

              1. re: toncasmo

                Yes. It is fantastic in yogurt. I buy 6 at a time and hope they don't spoil. I wait for it all year.