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Oct 24, 2011 09:06 PM

conference in downtown Detroit

I'll be at the Renaissance Center for a few days at a conference and will not, alas, have a car. I can do one night of a not to far cab ride. Prefer ethnic to American/steak etc. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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  1. Cab ride to Mexicantown, but nothing spectacular there. Near Mexicantown is Slows BBQ which is well liked but know for being, well, slow service-wise. A little further along Michigan Ave gets you to Dearborn and the Middle Eastern area.

    People Mover will get you to Greektown...again, nothing spectacular but sometimes a gyro or lamb chops is just what you crave--our favorite greasy spoon Greek for gyros is Laikon cafe. Also a casino there if you're interested. Do avoid Fishbones.

    Hamtramck for Polish, again a cab ride.

    Laikon Cafe
    569 Monroe St, Detroit, MI 48226

    1. downtown recs:

      24 grille - in the book cadillac hotel (middle of downtown)

      roast - michael symon's place in the book cadillac hotel

      vicente's - cuban just north of the compuware building in campus martius

      roma cafe - old world italian in eastern market - 5 minute cab ride from ren the cen

      atlas global bistro - another 5 minute cab ride up woodward

      cliff bells - restored jazz club with good food - two blocks west of woodward by the fox theater/stadiums

      joe muer seafood - in the ren cen. local icon recently revived by a local restaurant group that gets luke warm reviews for their italian and mexican places. i have not been yet - going next week for the first time.

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        Thanks xman. We ended up at Joe Muir just because it was there. The food was good, some dishes were very tasty (a halibut special with coconut milk) and their trout pate amuse and mussels but others were not so great. Ciopino was too salty and ceviche was just a bit weird. Overall a pleasant meal.

      2. Foran's Grand Trunk Pub for a Michigan beer, one block south of Campus Martius on Woodward, easily and safely reached on foot.