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Oct 24, 2011 09:02 PM

Noise level at Sable?

I am planning a birthday trip to Chicago in December and am intrigued by Sable. My BF, however, is NOT fond of restos with too much noise. I know this is a subjective question, but how noisy is Sable? I don't need a morgue, but want to be able to carry on a conversation.

We have been warned off of Publican by friends due to the noise, if that is any indicator of our tolerance.

Thank you so much!

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  1. Sable is not too bad noise-wise -- unless you are seated near the designated bar section. If it is sable that you want, request a table in the back room. It's quieter.

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    1. re: chicgail

      True. We stopped in the bar for a late night cocktail after we returned from dinner elsewhere and it was deafening. My wife and I resorted to texting. To clarify, we were in the "bar area".

    2. I agree. Incidentally, I'm not sure whether the main dining room is called "the back room". (?) There's a dining room (with a view of the open kitchen) and a bar room (with a bartender behind a long bar on one side). They are on opposite sides of the host/hostess stand as you enter. It's pretty obvious which is which.

      I've only sat in the dining room in my meals at Sable. I thought the room was somewhat loud, but not horribly so. It is NOT one of those places where I've had trouble hearing others at my own small table (e.g. Publican).

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        I sat in the very back room (through the dining room portion and up a few steps) on my visit and it was very quiet - looked like they might even use it for private events occasionally.

        1. re: PHXeater

          I've seen that room used for private parties, and didn't know until now that they also use it as additional space when needed.

      2. Thanks everyone! I made a rez via Open Table and requested a quieter table. I am really looking forward to my trip.