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What are some of Calgary's best locally produced foodstuffs ... ie: beer, butter, chocolate, wine, booze, bacon, etc???

Let's make a list!

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    1. Jan's Bacon, Wildrose Velvet Fog Beer, Choklat bars.

      1. Any Wildrose Beer - especially their seasonal. I believe the Cherry Porter is out this week!

        Not Calgary but Canmore - Valbella Gourmet Foods for charcuterie

        1. sylvan star cheese, glamorgan baking, any local Rye Whiskey.

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              They all have "Alberta" in the name. But read your label for content.

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                Oh, also at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Best Vodka, a Double Gold Medal winner was Alberta Pure Vodka, beating out 239 other entries. And this for a vodka that sells for less than $20 at many stores.

          1. Maybe not exclusively "Calgary" but close to the city:

            Spragg's Pork
            Crave Cupcakes
            Big Rock Beer's Winter Ale
            Broxburn tomatoes
            Lund's carrots, parsnips, spinach, chard

            I'm sure I'll think of more later.

            1. Not strictly Calgary but available in YYC

              Brassica mustards
              Lund's carrots, beets etc
              Hotchkiss produce
              Edgar Farm's peas, asparagus and asparagus products
              Jungle Farm's berries and pumpkins
              Sylvan Star cheese -their grizzly gouda is my favourite
              Vital Green Farms: chocolate milk
              Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch's Buffalo and Elk
              Winter's Turkeys
              Broek Pork

              Macarons and pain au chocolat from Yann's Haute Patisserie
              Sidewalk Citizen bread & goodies
              Pretzel buns from Rustic Sourdough bakery
              Bliss cupcakes
              Prairie Mill bread

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                Can't believe I forgot about Sidewalk Citizen's scones. I don't usually go for scones but theirs are incredible.

                I have some more:

                Fiasco Gelato's gelatos and sorbettos. I've had real Italian gelato and, for the most part, I still prefer theirs.

                Valta Bison's bison jerky
                Phil & Sebastian's lattes (with Vital Greens milk)
                M for Macaron's macarons (Preferred over Yann's but that's just me)
                Blu Seafood's salmon burgers
                Pies Plus berry pies
                Going Nuts's salad nut mixes & flax crackers (at the Calgary Farmer's Market)
                Community Natural Foods tahini and nut butters

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                  I really do have to get to Pies Plus one of these days. I can't believe I forgot about Going Nuts--their cinnamon almonds are dangerously addictive. As for Aviv's scones--there hasn't been a single crumb of his baking that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed. P&S baristas are wizards--I'm partial to Americanos (saving calories for pain au chocolat heh)

                  If you're ever in my neck of the woods check out Big Bend Market. They're doing fantastic things: bison smoked meat and pastrami, venison salami, and all from either Ivan's bison herd or picked up from other local producers. They also stock Sylvan Star cheeses.

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                    My favourite thing at Going Nuts is their Lemon Pecans. A new fave is their Pumpkin Spice Pecans, which are only sweetened with dates.

                    One more:
                    Davenport's Cowboy Crunch. I can only find it around Christmas time at the Telus & BMO craft markets, which is probably a good thing because I can finish the whole jar in one sitting. It is deliciously addictive:

                    Off to Google "Big Bend Market" :)

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                      Off to google Davenport's Cowboy Crunch!

              2. Spring Creek Ranch's prime rib roast available at Master Meats. (They're from around Edmonton)
                Spolumbo's sausage
                Sunrise Berry Farms pies (Lethbridge)

                  1. Found in Calgary (and throughout most parts of AB and SK): Ginger Beef and Puffed Wheat Squares.

                    I like the Jerky made & sold in Red Deer.

                    1. Manuel Latruwe croissants and pain au chocolat are pretty top tier.

                      Also Phil and Sebastian coffee beans