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Oct 24, 2011 08:24 PM

IRON CHEF AMERICA: Lee Anne Wong versus Marc Forgione [spoilers]

I really enjoyed this episode, and I'm pleasantly and really surprised Wong came out ahead by a mere point.

That one judge (forget her name) seated on the far left of the TV screen was a pain to watch. She had the palate of a 5 year old raised in Ronald McDonald's house.

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  1. Judges were
    Kathy Griffin (comic, D-List), Donatella Arpaia Stewart and Kelly Ripa (Soap opera, Regis & Kelly)

    I though the interaction of the judges was comical. Kathy and Kelly knew nothing about fine food or food judging. Donatella had to educate them, and some a Marc's dishes went over their heads (possibly costing him some points). Still given the candy ingredient it all seem to fit.

    Lee Anne won, I think, by repurposed the ingredients without getting too exotic.

    1. I wasnt very happy with this episode.

      When the secret ingredient was revealed i actually thought about making a CH topic asking "Did Iron Chef just turn into a 5-course episode of Chopped??

      I normally like Iron Chef because, while the ingredients may be exotic, they are normally something that allows for a little more range I feel.

      1. Worst show in a LONG time. Halloween candy? I couldn't watch more than 20 minutes until I had to change the channel. Blurgh.

        1. I watched it but thought the ingredient was silly. If they wanted to do a Halloween episode why not have odd cuts of meat, like chicken or pigs feet or brains. I felt like I was going into a diabetic coma watching the show!

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          1. re: libgirl2

            Chopped just did chicken feet.

            ICA just did short ribs, which required a lot of pressure cooker use. Pigs feet would require that as well, unless they were given jars of pickled pigs feet. Tongue and cheeks have also been done.
            And in 2009 there was an offal episode, Symon v Consentino, which the Wiki episode lists describes as
            "^34 A special Halloween episode, featuring organ meats (heart, kidney, sweetbreads, tripe, liver) from a variety of animals along with off-cuts such as pig's trotters and coxcomb. "

            You have to back to 2007 to find another sugar episode.

            A big part of the challenge in this episode was to use a very sweet ingredient in savory dishes - and doing so in a create and balanced way.

          2. I found it amusing that they could not use the brand names of the candy.

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            1. re: Bob W

              I don't know if it is a 'could not' or 'would not'. Products on Chopped always have generic labels. An interesting question is - if they did allow the labels, which way should the money flow? Would FN pay something like royalties for using a copyrighted item, or get paid for product placement and advertising? FN may keep things simple by having an across the board generic label policy.

              1. re: paulj

                I wondered the same thing, re: who pays whom?

                1. re: paulj

                  They often show the milk label. I can't think of the dairy offhand but it's usually the same one.

                  1. re: Bob W

                    If it is a regional dairy (which is likely) the brand name is less of an issue.

                    1. re: paulj

                      Yeah, I think it's Cloverland (but could be mistaken).

                    2. re: Bob W

                      i know on Good Eats they always made it very clear he was using the Publix brand for dairy. id recognize that label anywhere.

                      1. re: mattstolz

                        Alton has his own production company. Often you could tell where he shopped (or harangued his chiropractor ) - BedNBath, Whole Foods, etc.; usually something in Georgia.

                        1. re: paulj

                          yeah i know often it will even tell you the location he is in. i always liked that!

                          oh AB... how i miss new episodes of Good Eats

                    3. re: paulj

                      The Scripps Networks policy has always been that you don't get your name on the air unless you pay. This isn't just because they're greedy -- although they are, unbelievably so -- but also to avoid conflicts with those who do pay via the commercials. They're not big on in-program product placement, or at least haven't been in the past.

                      When I was there they had a whole group of people who did nothing but make phony labels to put on the products that were shown on camera.

                      1. re: acgold7

                        The weirdest one in this episode was "strawberry carbonated candy."