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Oct 24, 2011 08:12 PM

Ruth's Chris Downtown or Fat City

I have a Ruth's Chris gift card to burn and am looking for some advice as to which of the New Orleans locations to try. I have been to the Harrah's location once before but wanted to see if people have a preference between the two. Any input is appreciated!

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  1. I like to get out of the FQ for dinner occasionally. I think you would enjoy RC in Matairie. Good luck.

    1. There's news this morning that Federal court tesrtimony in the corruption trial of the Port Allen mayor indicated that Ruth's Chris in Metairie was the steakhouse of choice by the FBI undercover agents in the sting operation that started it all. The bogus operation involved selling self-sanitizing garbage cans and the officials were given all kinds of perks and weekends-on-the-town. I offer this in the same spirit as the fame that clung to Spark's Steakhouse in Manhattan when Big Paulie Costellano and his chauffeur got aerated outside by John Gotti's boys. A little whiff of corruption adds to the flavor....

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        Love it! Back in the early 80's, T. Pittari's was the place for all Treasury & FBI to go to who were in for Brllab - the operation that finally put Carlos Marcello away. Lobster Kadobster!