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Oct 24, 2011 07:43 PM

Raw oyster bars and local joints

My Husband and I are going to Halifax for 4 days at the end of November and we want to hit as many local great restaurants and have fresh local oysters. Where should we go?
Would love to eat our way through the best local fair in Halifax and surrounding areas.

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  1. Hmm, no replies yet. I think that might be because, though we are by the sea, Halifax isn't much of an oyster or oyster bar kind of town? You can get them on menus, but I don't think of anyone as being really known for this. Maybe that's just me. Here are a few places to look into:

    Fish Fisherman Restaurant. They have an oyster happy hour daily. I admit I have never been here, but maybe someone else will chime in now that this is started.

    The Press Gang also bills themselves as an Oyster Bar. They might be a good choice for oysters but my experience with them as a restaurant (admittedly quite some time ago) was that they were overpriced and uninspiring.

    Bistro Le Coq has oysters on their main and their late night menu. Again this is a restaurant but they do have a bar area with a few tables that is a nice place for appetizers and drinks.

    Gio has an oyster appetizer on their dinner menu: 6 oysters, 2 au naturel - 2 tempura - 2 rockefeller and you can order it with a shot of PEI potato vodka. Might not work if you are only interested in raw oysters, but an interesting take on oysters at what I think is the best restaurant in town.

    Beyond oysters there are lots of restaurants in town worth trying. The scene doesn't change that rapidly so a post from even a year ago talking about the best restaurants would still have much that is relevant. Lately I'm really enjoying Brooklyn Warehouse for a restaurant that focuses on local food, a good selection of beers and a relaxed vibe that is, I think, unique in this city. I was recently really wowed by a meal made by Craig Flinn at Chives, another restaurant that focuses on local (and seasonal) cuisine.

    Brooklyn Warehouse
    2795 Windsor St, Halifax, NS B3K, CA

    The Press Gang
    5218 Prince Street, Halifax, NS B3J 3X4, CA

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      Hi Parleek,

      Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll definitely try out some of the places you recommended. Much appreciated.


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        Tried to edit to add that I'm currently loving Obladee Wine Bar and the Grill at Cut

      2. re: parleek

        Yep. I couldn't think of any oyster spots in Halifax, and do didn't reply.

        We do have a great city though :)