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Oct 24, 2011 06:38 PM

Romertopf clay baker no lid

I found a Romertopf clay baker today at Goodwill for $4. It has no lid, probably why it's at Goodwill.

Can I still use this without the lid?

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  1. Hi,
    Congratulations on your find! You can use it to bake bread or try making a foil cover to roast chicken.

    1. Don't hate me, but I would carefully drill a hole into the bottom and use it a a planter for Cacti & Succulents. An old Römertopf bottom looks nice with a group of Haworthias. Done so....
      Personally I would not use a find like that for cooking, since you have no way of knowing for what it was used and how well it was soaked/ cleaned. I designate a Römertopf for one type of Meat or Fish only.

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      1. re: RUK

        That's exactly what I was thinking. That porous clay absorbs all kinds of stuff and you don't know what was in it in the past. Plus the whole Römertopf concept is about completely enclosing the food in this clay for a sort of self-basting process. Half a Römertopf is no Römertopf. I suggest some nice amaryllis bulbs, they'll be blooming by Xmas.