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Oct 24, 2011 05:33 PM

Need help choosing: Walrus & Carpenter or Ponti's?

I'm looking for "NW cuisine," as I lived in Seattle many years ago and have great memories of my first tastes of really wonderful mushrooms, salmon, oysters! So after perusing the board, I've narrowed it down to two. Please help me choose; we only have one night in Seattle and I'd like a memorable dinner.

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  1. I’d give Walrus & Carpenter a try, it’s charming and the food is amazing. It is a different experience than Ponti’s wh/ in my opinion is a place I’d go to w/ my parents. W&C is more modern in it’s approach, everything is pretty much ala carte .. but everything is also fabulous.

    1. Depends on what kind of ambience you are looking for as well as food. I have always had a great meal at Ponti's. It has a quiet elegance, in the summer sitting outside by the water is quite nice, but that is moot at this point. It isn't hip or modern and yes, I would take my parents there, but I have only gone with either my husband or friends.

      1. It really depends on what you're looking for.

        The Walrus and the Carpenter is a small plates restaurant where the ingredients are impeccable. I've always left there light in the pocketbook and hungry for a more substantial meal. Yet I keep going back because it's so very adorable.

        Would you consider starting your evening with drinks and apps at the Walrus and the Carpenter and actually dining elsewhere? That might be the perfect experience.

        Ponti is still fantastic, even if newer restaurants get all the press.

        Truly? You can't go wrong.

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          I love Walrus and the Carpenter and I think you can certainly fill up there and have a very memorable meal. It has also been getting tremendous local and national press. It is definitely a hot restaurant. However you should know that W&TC does not accept reservations. It can be difficult to get into without a wait so there is the element of unpredictability. Also they focus on raw, smoked, cured -- crudo, tartare etc. -- and also salads, soups and forcemeat. They usually have steamed shellfish and fried oysters. Check out the representative menu to get an idea but definitely call and ask the restaurant shortly before you go if you have questions or concerns.

          1. re: klsalas

            Walrus is great, but there is a long line. Many stories about hour long waits to get in, since it is so small.

        2. Bizzarro Forest Floor Frenzy will bring you back in two beats