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Oct 24, 2011 05:32 PM

Dutch or German Grocery Stores?

Can anyone recommend a store that carries Dutch, German, or Danish foods? In particular, we are looking for Honig brand bouillon cubes. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    1. Another Good one is Salamico In Ville St. Laurent

      Salamico Inc.

      Phone: 514-336-8711

      1. You can try Vieille Europe on St-Laurent, or Gourmet Laurier on Laurier.

        1. Also try Vienna Pastry in Pointe Claire - 297, boul Saint-Jean.

          1. Thanks to you all for your help. We've tried Gourmet Laurier and Vieille Europe on previous visits (I'm from Ottawa), and they have good selections. We were in Montreal yesterday and we visited Boucherie L'Atlantique. Nice selection of goodies there too. We asked about the Honig bouillon cubes and the very helpful staff confirmed that they are no longer available for import. I like them because they do not contain MSG and just have a nice flavour, for a cube ;>) Cheers!