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Oct 24, 2011 05:21 PM

If you like Joe & Pat's/Ciro's Pizza of Staten Island........

We have a new pizza joint in town, Cafe Ciro. Generally this is not something to get excited about, but this is great pizza, I would say just a notch below Denino's. Not sure if it exactly Old Bridge or Matawan. It is located in the Strip Mall next to CVS off the GSP South exit 120. Grew Up eating Joe and Pat's and loved it. Then moved on the South Side of S.I. and starting eating Ciro's, their sister restaurant. And now after 7 years in Old Bridge, my childhood pizza makes it's debut. If you like simple Super thin pizza, you will love this. Can't opine on the food, I only had the pizza. They also serve Manhattan Special, an espresso soda which is always a plus too.

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  1. Old Bridge Township/ Matawan Zip

    Seems like they did a nice job inside with the decor and they have the "bar" area for slices.

    1. That's right near my house & I've heard good reviews from some friends of mine who've stopped in. I'll have to give it a try one night.