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Oct 24, 2011 03:25 PM

What Can I Shave Parmesan Over?!

I've always disliked Parmesan but for some reason I'm kinda addicted to it and I bought a wedge. This is kinda new territory for me, I know you will usually shave it in salads or pasta but I'm kinda sick of salads or pastas (I work in an Italian restaurant) so I kinda want to try new combination but I know really little about this cheese.

And I only really like it shaved for some reason.

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  1. grilled or roasted asparagus?

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    1. re: MRS

      With an optional fried egg on top.

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        love parm on vegetable soup or veggie/bean soup. I usually shave the cheese in advance on waxed paper set over a plate. takes a lot of restraint not to eat the cheese every time I walk into the kitchen!

        I also love shaved parm over broiled tomato halves or on balsamic roasted cippolini onions. If you scoop the tomatoes and stuff them, then shave parm over them, makes for a nice fancy-ish side dish

      2. My mouth!!

        Seriously, I love it on all the cabbage relatives, from broccoli through cauliflower to brussels sprouts, though not so much cabbage itself. I like to steam a trimmed head of cauliflower, then break it up, toss it with butter and season it well, then spread it out in a gratin dish and shave Parmesan all over it. I'll do this before cooking the rest of dinner, then give it ten minutes at 400ยบ just before serving. Same deal with steamed, halved brussels sprouts or sliced-up broccoli.

        A combination of grated Parmesan and buttered crumbs is a great topper for mac'n'cheese or scalloped potatoes, too.

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            You don't like it on actual cabbage? I love parmesan on actual cabbage!!! With some balsamic vinegar- mm mm mmmm.

          2. Cook a package of those green peas that you steam in the package (these are the most like fresh). Mix them with an equal amount of cooked rice. Shave your Parmesan over this. Also, in Argentina where the cuisine is pretty Italian, grated or shaved Parmesan is routinely served with soup, especially the generic "sopa" which is a beef-based minestrone with beans and pasta.

            1. melon and prosciutto

              poached egg over a tomato/onion salad in a balsamic vinegarette with basil

              gnocchi with a mushroom walnut parsley pesto

              apple and cabbage coleslaw with sage

              roasted fennel