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Oct 24, 2011 03:23 PM

Hidden Barcelona Sushi Find- OMG AMAZING

Tired of tapas and more tapas, we came upon the website for a restaurant called NAKASHITA. There were a couple of posts on the web touting this place. So we took a shot. On the end of a one way street called Rec Comtal lies Nakashita, a hidden gem of a sushi restaurant in the El Born area.

Being sushi lovers, we put our hands in the ultra incredible hands of the master chef Marcio, who hails from Argentina of all places. So now imagine a combination of ultra fresh fish, in the hands of a South American sushi master in the land of tapas, Barcelona.

Starting us off with an incredible scallop sashimi in special sauce, and leading us through courses that included a trio of cerviches on the lightest crackers and guacamole, followed by a toro uzuzukuri...later in the dinner he gave us an amazing seared toro on seared rice which was sheer heaven. Following that, we had the Italian roll...imagine Spain meets Italy.... Finally the grand finale..what he called his "sweet nigiri". It was a combination of foie meets sweet....that was one of the best fushion dishes I have ever was phenominal...another diner at the opposite end of the sushi bar had it as well, and you heard the wows across the room.

If you're in the mood for something different in a town that is creative to a fault...but a lot of it is the same old, same old, RUN do not walk to was wonderful and reasonable for the quality recieved. I should also mention that the two servers spoke perfect English as well as Spanish, a plus for this American. A fantasic find!!

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  1. You specialize in finding new eats, Sockster! :-)

    I like Japanese food too but I'm very, very picky about it. And even more picky about fusion.

    Have you eaten at Koy Shunka or Shunka?

    BTW, on their very cute website, Marcio is described as being from Brazil.

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    1. re: Aleta

      We usually try and find new places. Haven't eaten in Shunka or Koy Shunka, but being a New Yorker, I have an idea about creative sushi- It's not a purist sushi's alot of rolls and creative items, but it's really good. We went to the new 41 degrees experience last night (my thoughts to follow hopefully later today), and kept talking about Marcio's creativity. And I know the web site says he's from Brazil....he told us your guess is as good as mine..That's really good! BTW, our other new find this week was BOCA GRANDE....have you tried that one?

      1. re: sockster

        Well, if the words came out of the man's mouth, he must be from Argentina, LOL!

        I've heard good things about Boca Grande but haven't tried it. Very convenient location! Pls share your experience there.

        1. re: Aleta

          Aleta, have you been to Can Majo recently? Used to love it, until the last couple of visits...I hear it's good again. Tonight's my last night and I too am at the Arts Hotel...and it's an easy walk as you know... Let me know what you think if you know plse. THKS

          1. re: sockster

            Nope, sorry. Never been to Can Majo. I'm a Kaiku fan and of course, it's closed at night.

    2. Just eaten here.

      Overall good, certainly high quality fish. The only two problems I had were that I prefer a bit more seasoning on my rice, and he grated some lime zest over the top of some of the nigiri, which somewhat overwhelms subtle sushi.

      I did have a couple of bits of toro though, which were ENORMOUS. We are talking double sized nigiri. It was also proper o-toro, none of this chu-toro nonsense! It had some sort of drizzled sauce on the top, which I must admit was very good. Certainly the best toro I have eaten in europe.

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      1. re: davew666

        It is also frequented by a few of the Barça players, led by Carles Puyol, whom I stalk.

      2. Hi, can you tell me approximately, how much your meal was?.. We'll be in Barcelona in May.
        And any other suggestions for restaurants would be appreciated.

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