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Oct 24, 2011 01:34 PM

Thanksgiving in Winston Salem?

I'd appreciate any suggestions for a decent family restaurant, not too pricey, that is open on Thanksgiving in Winston-Salem. So far, I have Salem Tavern and River Birch Lodge on my list. any others?

River Birch Lodge Restaurant
3324 Robinhood Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27106

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  1. Both good options. I think Milner's is pretty solid, not too expensive. It's not as family friendly as the two you mentioned but I saw families there when I last ate there.

    Maybe somewhere like Hutch and Harris?

    Hutch and Harris
    424 W 4th St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

    1. Here is a list from last year:

      This year's list will likely show up a week or two before the holiday--just visit the Winston-Salem Journal site and search for "Thanksgiving restaurants".