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Oct 24, 2011 01:33 PM

Seeking GOOD food in Boca Raton/Delray Beach area, ok for toddlers

Hoping to get some help from this wonderful board. We are visiting family who live on the edge of delray, near Boca and would love some casual dining recommendations for lunches and dinners (esp italian or nicer contiental) Price does not matter but food does. Atmosphere cant be too fancy or romantic b/ c we have a 2 yr old w/ us. For background, we live in San Francisco and never eat in chain restaurants (at any price point) by choice. Our kid is still working on table manners but dines out a lot and eats real food, usually off the main menu, not from a junk food menu masquerading as a kids menu. The folks we are visiting are not foodies but enjoy a good meal, nothing too 'out there' in terms of menu items.
Thanks in advance for your help. I coulnt find many current postings in the archives that fit the bill, and the turnover rate for restaurants in this area is high enough that spots we've gone to in the past arent around anymore.

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  1. Perhaps Henry's on Jog Road near the Delray Boca border.

    One option with the youngster could be outdoor dining where things often seem more forgiving.

    With the nicer weather here, it can be very enjoyable to hit The Ave in Delray, you could try Dada, Tryst, the new Spoon Fed, or for Italian, Vic and Angelos (so noisy kids could not be a problem) or Sazio. There's also Brule in nearby Pineapple Grove as well as Max's Harvest with outdoor seating.

    2716 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065

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      We enjoyed a fabulous meal at Max's Harvest a few weeks ago and brought my almost two year old. They have a lovely patio.

    2. If you want to go stuff without it being a fast food chain, NEMO's is a wonderful fish place, carry out only BUT ould be a great time to eat on the beach. they have GREAT fish, and garlic crab for 5.99 a lb. just a hole in the wall but we enjoyed a 12 piece sea perch dinner for 19.99 that came with a HUGE load of fries and coleslaw. Also they have a whole tilapia for 4.99 with fries and coleslaw.. best deal in town...

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          I love Mississippi Sweets too, especially the Talledega Chicken Sandwich. Federal Highway in Boca, next door to the Lion and Eagle Pub which also has fairly nice food.

          In Delray there is the Blue Anchor pub on Atlantic Ave.

        2. Boca Smokehouse. Some of the best BBQ you'll ever have. Lots of excellent side dishes as well so it's not just a meat-fest.

          1. Kee Grill on Clint Moore and Military Trail by the Starbucks.. DaDa's on Atlantic. you can dine outside, always great for the toddler...Most of the restaurants on Atantic Ave will work for you...