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Oct 24, 2011 01:30 PM

Vollrath cookware anyone?

I am in the process of buying new pots and pans for my recently remodeled kitchen and haven’t looked at cookware in probably 25 years. My old stuff was crispy non-stick Circulon I got when my mom passed away. I was looking at Vollrath’s Optio and Intrigue lines. Does anybody know the difference? It looks like the Intrigue is very similar to the Sitram’s Profiserie line. The Optio is budget priced but has anyone have experience with either? I am looking for a good sauté pan, about 5 quarts, and I am not buying All Clad. I have looked at every line they have and I won’t pay for it. I am also not into sets. And what about aluminum? I cooked in restaurants when I was younger and we used Wear-ever and Leyse straight gauge aluminum pots and pans for everything. Do any of you use aluminum at home? I know about the aluminum reaction to acidic foods, but you know, about 99% of restaurant food in this country is cooked in aluminum so it can’t be all that bad. I have already bought a Debuyer steel pan, which I am in love with and a Tramontina non stick for eggs. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, with so many choices out there it is a bit confusing.

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  1. Hi, inkman:

    I don't think you can go wrong with Vollrath. It's like a CAT dozer or a John Deere tractor--well-engineered (and reverse-engineered by others), coin of the realm. Won't win any beauty contests, but are you cooking or trying for Architectural Digest?

    I think you have the aluminum thing in exactly the right perspective.

    You might also look for Magnalite and Guardian pans on eBay.



    1. Vollrath works great. I've got the Tribute primarily because I use induction.

      1. I have a huge, maybe 30 quart, Vollrath soup pot that I picked up at an auction about 25 years ago. Has always done everything I have asked of it. No complaints.

        1. The only Vollrath I have are a couple of 13qt stainless bowls. Inherited one, and found the other in a thrift store. It is my go to bowl for potato salad--yea, I tend to make a ton of it, but my friends appreciate it when I do.

          1. Not to take anything away from Vollrath, but you might also want to consider this nice Tramontina 5-quart covered saute pan.